Foosball table from Louis Vuitton comes with $75,500 price tag

EPI leather Foosball table from Louis Vuitton

Staying at home is the only thing that is most important during these difficult times amid the coronavirus pandemic. The lockdown has made us realized the importance of indoor games. Well, for most of us indoor games like playing cards, carom board, chess seems to be the ultimate fun. However, for wealthy people with loads of money to splash on expensive toys, these games may sound boring. Which is why, Louis Vuitton has come up with a luxurious and exclusive game in the form of Le Babyfoot foosball table.

Louis Vuitton has given a luxurious makeover to the classic foosball table to create these beautiful gaming tables. Hand-crafted in France, these foosball tables are made-to-order by the brand. The main body of the table is crafted from wood and then decorated with different materials such as canvas or leather. Interestingly, similar techniques which are used in making trunks by Louis Vuitton is applied to create these foosball tables.

Foosball table from Louis Vuitton

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The foosball table by Louis Vuitton is offered in three different styles namely the Canvas, VVT and EPI leather. The canvas foosball table comes with an elegantly shaped top covered in Epi leather. On the other hand, the EPI leather foosball table is covered in iconic monogram and embellished with gold color accents. Lastly, the VVT table comes with counting coins inspired by monogram flower and a Louis Vuitton signature engraving.

Monogram eclipse Foosball table from Louis Vuitton

Every model comes with hand-painted players which are hand-casted in aluminum. The players are inspired by a 1921 LV groom illustration and are operated by cowhide leather-coated handles. The canvas model is offered in monogram eclipse, Graphite and monogram color choices. Besides that, the EPI leather model is also offered in three colors- Pistache, Fuchsia and Cyan.

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 Louis Vuitton

The canvas foosball table is priced at $75,500 whereas the EPI leather and VVT models will cost you $93,000. For more information, head to their website.

 Louis Vuitton
VVT Foosball table from Louis Vuitton
EPI leather

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