CARSULE pop-up cabin will enhance your camping experience

CARSULE pop-up cabin from Mogics

Camping in the woods always sounds exciting, but sleeping in a tent is not a comfortable experience for all. Also, campers have to get out of the tent to stretch their backs as there is no standing space in most tents. Besides that, as tents offer limited storage, most of the stuff has to be carried up and down from the vehicles. Addressing all these issues, a team of international designers have created the CARSULE pop-up cabin.

Mogics is an international design team from Singapore, the United States and Taiwan which was founded in 2013. The team has created an innovative pop-up cabin for cars called the CARSULE that will allow you to enjoy the natural world in a completely new way. The cabin attaches to back of the car giving you ample space for sleeping, sitting around, storing stuff and enjoy the nature. The cubic space offers 2-meter standing height and 2-meter wide space as well. Thus, with this much space, the interior can be utilized for a wide range of indoor activities.

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CARSULE pop-up cabin from Mogics

Designed for cars having tailgate that swings up, CARSULE can work with number of hatchbacks, minivans, MPVs and SUVs. The rear door serves as a structural support for the pop-up cabin when it is in its up orientation. The frame of CARSULE tent consists of two metal spring loops which are attached to each other with four aluminum rods. To offer extra stability, the structure is anchored to the rear door with an adjustable strap.

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 pop-up tent

CARSULE pop-up cabin is made from a custom material that offers UV protection and keep the tent cool. Also, the mosquito net and felt carpet is provided to enhance the comfort level during a camping expedition. The CARSULE pop-up cabin for car easily reached its funding goal on Kickstarter and raised more than $17,500. The CARSULE cabin from Mogics come with a price tag of $379. However, you can grab it for a discounted price of $300 during sale.
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