Magico unveils M9 floor standing loudspeaker priced at $750,000/pair

Magico M9 floor-standing loudspeakers

Magico Audio, California- based manufacturer of high-fidelity loudspeakers has come up their latest flagship loudspeaker. Dubbed the M9, this luxury speaker stands over 6 feet tall and comes with a jaw-dropping price of $750,000 per pair. With such a hefty price, this floor-standing loudspeaker has joined the list of world’s most expensive speakers.

Magico M9 speakers

The Hayward-based industrial company is known to build world’s finest loudspeakers for more than a decade now. With the Magico M9, the brand has taken the design and technology of high-end loudspeakers to a new height. The M9 comes with world’s first loudspeaker enclosure that combine inner and outer skins of carbon fiber with an aluminum honeycomb core. Thus, it reduces the overall weight and increases the structural stiffness. This technology controls cabinet vibration and reproduce musical passages with transparency and micro-dynamic detail.

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M9 speakers

The Magico M9 floor-standing loudspeakers comes with world’s first 28mm Beryllium-diamond dome tweeter. As bending and flexing of non-pistonic motion in a soft dome tweeter leads to distortion, high strength and light weight Beryllium is used. This new drive unit offers extraordinary accuracy and enhanced clarity. Besides that, the loudspeaker cones comes with super strong Graphene nanotubes that offer stiffness and high tensile strength. Each cone in the M9 speakers comes equipped with Magico’s 8th gen Nano-Tec design.


The voice coils in M9 cone are 3, 4 and 5 inch in diameter for faster dissipation of heat. Also, pure titanium formers helps in heat dissipation as well. The four-way, six driver floor standing system comes with an analog, the Magico analog crossover or MXO. Each M9 speaker weighs around 1000 pounds (454 kg) whereas the crossover weighs about 40 pounds (18 kg) and the power supply weighs another 60 lbs. (27kg).

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The M9 floor standing loudspeaker from Magico Audio is 6.6 feet in height and is priced at huge $750,000/pair. It is expected to be available by the end of 2020.

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