Sekhina makes eco-friendly concrete switches and sockets

Concrete switches from Sekhina

Plastic pollution is one of the biggest threats to our planet. Well, with increasing awareness, more and more people are learning about its ill effects and switching to sustainable products. Also, there are number of brands all over the world that are creating eco-friendly products. One such brand is Hungary-based Sekhina that is manufacturing switches and sockets from concrete. Yes, you read it right! The brand is handcrafting concrete switches and sockets, a stylish and more environmental friendly alternative to plastic.

Concrete switches from Sekhina

Referred as “stone to stone” products, these very first concrete covers for switches/sockets are made from only silicates. Also, Sekhina don’t use any artificial resin or pollutant additives. The covers they make can fit safely over industry-standard electrical mechanisms created by well-known brands. The startup uses high-performance concrete which is infused with an eco-friendly water-repellent agent. Thus, this makes cleaning stains and grease from the surface of a switch very easy.

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Concrete switches and sockets

All the concrete switches and sockets are hand-made which give lots of freedom for customization. The brand can make customized pieces in many varieties and colors as per the requirements of the customer. These switches can be created in different styles such as the polished Mini Terrazzo surfaces or with bubbles and blots. Interestingly, each one represents a distinct and unique character. These objects are like work of art where no two pieces are same.

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Concrete sockets

Sekhina is looking for financial support so that they can head towards mass production. The startup is running a crowdfunding campaign here where they are looking to reach their initial goal of 300 preorders. One reached, they will set up a manufacturing process to produce the switches in bulk. Interested brands and people can help them reach their funding goal and get their hands on these concrete switches and sockets.

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