Indian designer Sasank Gopinathan unveils Dhyan Chaise Lounge Concept

Dhyan Chaise Lounge Concept by Sasank Gopinathan

Sasank Gopinathan, Kerala-based industrial designer have come with a unique furniture design concept. Christened Dhyan Chaise Lounge Concept, the furniture piece is designed to offer some peaceful time after a stressful day at the office. The designer has drawn inspiration from the Bodhi Tree, form of Shiva Linga and Japanese gardens for the lounge concept. The basic idea behind the design was to provide people a dedicated space where they can be at peace for some time.

Dhyan Chaise Lounge Concept by Sasank Gopinathan

It is a proven fact that spending few moments in a natural environment is beneficial for mental health. Which is why, Sasank has incorporated elements of nature in his lounge design concept. Especially, the product is aimed at people living in urban areas for whom contact with the natural world is minimal. The design is a perfect blend of premium European furniture and eastern philosophies that works with elements of nature.

Dhyan Chaise Lounge Concept

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The Dhyan Chaise Lounge Concept by Sasank Gopinathan comes with three unique environments or modes to choose from. Firstly, there is a standard mode which offers enough storage space to keep your books or music player. Besides that, there are extra storage compartments on the rear and side as well. The second mode is the garden mode where one can add different kind of plants in the side compartments. Lastly, there is the water pond mode that comes with a waterfall fountain. The sound of flowing water is more than enough to provide relaxation to one’s mind.

Dhyan Chaise Lounge Concept

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Originally, the design started from a sketch as a “Shiva-Linga inspired chair design. It took the designer 3 months to create the design concept which we see right now. Dhyan Chaise Lounge Concept by Sasank Gopinathan was announced as the coveted golden A’ design award winner in furniture, decorative items and homeware design category for 2019 – 2020. Sasank Gopinathan currently runs a design brand called Karimeen Inc. in Kerala, India.

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