Japanese firm creates internet connected smart mask

internet connected smart mask from Donut Robotics

With the coronavirus pandemic outbreak, masks have become one of the most important things in our life. There are number of companies that are creating different types of masks to protect people from the deadly virus. One such brand is Donut Robotics, a Japanese startup that have developed an internet connected smart mask. The startup established by engineers and designers have applied robot technology to create world’s first smart mask.

internet connected smart mask from Donut Robotics

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The internet connected white plastic c-mask can easily fit over the standard face masks. It connects to a smartphone through Bluetooth to transmit messages. Besides that, it can also translate from Japanese into eight different languages. Not only that, the app can transcribe speech into text messages as well. One can make calls and voice of the person wearing the mask can also be amplified. As wearing masks and maintaining social distancing is the new normal in our lives now, such innovative products are need of the hour.

internet connected smart mask from Donut Robotics

The prototype for the internet connected smart mask was built within a month by Donut Robotics. They used a translation software which was developed by one of the company’s engineers about 4 years ago. It was created for a student project for transcribing speech by reading face muscles.

Donut Robotics

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Donut Robotics sold its shares to raise money for development of the product. The tech firm raised ¥28 million ($260,000) through Japanese crowdfunding site Fundinno. The internet connected smart mask from Donut Robotics will come with a price tag of $40 per piece. The startup will be selling first 5,000 c-masks to buyers in Japan from September. After that, the company will be shipping the white plastic c-mask to China, United States and Europe as well.

Via: JapanTimes

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