Studypod: This cool home office will cost you $13,500

Studypod from Livit

Work from home is the way to go for online-based professions during these hard times amidst the coronavirus pandemic. However, working from home is not as easy as it sounds. There are various types of distractions that don’t let you work efficiently at home. Well, Livit, a Norwegian design company has come up with a cool solution for people working from home. The firm has created Studypod, a prefab work station that can be set anywhere as a home office.

Studypod from Livit

The Studypod is referred to as a “detached home office” which is designed to be placed in a natural environment. It is an ideal work space to be used in gardens, backyards or in a forest near your home. The front section comes with a large window that allows one to interact with its surrounding natural environment. Plants and trees are known to improve mental health and increase productivity. Who knows, Studypod might get you a raise as well.

 workspace from Livit

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The Studypod from Livit is made from a composite material and offers an interior space of 2m x 1.8m. For you to work comfortably, a wooden desk is provided with the work station. Besides that, it comes with Oak laminate flooring, a power socket and four down lights to offer ample lighting. The wooden desk is detachable which lets you transform the Studypod into various shapes. It can be turned into a yoga room, art studio, living space, kid’s playroom or even to a guest bedroom as well.

Home office from Livit

According to Livit’s designer Torstein Aa, during these times of COVID-19 more and more people are working from home. Thus, Studypod can add a lot of value to people’s everyday lives by giving them breathing space without distractions. This will also allow them to focus and get close to nature too.

Studypod from Livit

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Although, the Studypod from Livit sounds like a dream work station, but it comes with a price of its own as well. This workspace is priced at €11,900 (around $13,430). Definitely, not made for me.

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