Exploring Sex Toy Technology to Maximize Lockdown Fun

For many people, lockdown is a time of existential angst. We spend our days in online meetings, wondering if our colleagues can tell we’re still in our PJs. In the evening, we binge-watch Netflix and try to secure online shopping delivery slots. It isn’t quite so bad if you are in lockdown with a significant other (or not, as the case may be), but what happens if you are self-isolating alone?

Celibacy is doable when it’s a personal choice, but having celibacy enforced on you because of a pandemic is hard to stomach. There are some people willing to take a risk by slipping out to visit a lover, but for the majority, the only way to score some intimacy is via video chat platforms and sex toys.

In this article, we’re doing you a solid by exploring the latest sex toy technology. In the interests of scientific research, we have thoroughly investigated the current state of the adult toy market. So, if you need a new battery-operated playmate because your old friend expired, or you have decided lockdown is a good time to branch out into AI virtual love companions, read on.

Are People Actually Horny During Lockdown?

Surprisingly, yes, apocalyptic catastrophe is actually a turn-on for some folk. There may be a worldwide pandemic going on with 11.6 million confirmed cases so far, but when life really sucks, what else is there to do but have sex?

European sex toy outlets have seen a spike in sales. Popular sex toys such as rabbit vibrators have been flying off the virtual shelves. The parcel delivery system may be under pressure these days, but clearly, a lot of customers feel sex toys are an essential purchase. And who can blame them?

At Wicked Wandas, a Canadian adult emporium, sales of their We-Vibe products have gone through the roof as horny couples, and desperate singles seek satisfaction via Bluetooth technology and the We-Connect app.

Couples Lockdown Therapy

There have been plenty of reports of couples finding it hard being stuck in lockdown together, especially when they have kids.

Sex toy technology has evolved to the point where ultra-quiet sex toys are available for couples to play with after dark. You no longer need to worry about keeping the neighbours awake with strange buzzing noises. Look out for app-controlled toys, where one person can control the other’s pleasure over a wi-fi connection. These toys are perfect if you are stuck living apart but can also be put to good use if you work at opposite ends of the house.

Artificial Intelligence

For those with a big budget, ultra-realistic AI sex dolls built to the user’s exact specification are the future of sex toy tech. The latest incarnation of sex robots can hold a conversation and have their own personality. This is the ultimate ‘girlfriend experience’, albeit an expensive one.

With the sexual wellness market expected to be worth $123 billion by 2026, ‘smart’ vibrators, app-controlled toys, and AI love companions are upon us. Are you ready to up your game during lockdown?

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