How about a camera-shaped house?

 Ravi Hongal

In today’s digital age, photography has turned into a popular and reputed profession. Most photographers are known by their style of photography and their clicked photographs. Well, today we are showing you a photographer who has gained popularity because of the shape of his house. Ravi Hongal, a passionate photographer from Karnataka, India has built a camera-shaped house for himself.

camera-shaped house of Ravi Hongal

Named Click, the 3-storey camera-shaped house is located in Shastri Nagar, Belgaum in Karnataka. Ravi has a passion for photography since his childhood and use to click pictures using his Pentax and Zenit cameras. His interest grew in photography and he turned this passion into his profession. Now, by looking at his camera-shaped house, one can easily understand his love for photography. Well, not only that, he has also named his three sons after renowned camera manufacturing brands. His children are named Nikon, Canon and Epson.

camera-shaped house of Ravi Hongal

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The camera-shaped house is designed and constructed by a Bangalore-based engineer. Ravi spent around 70 lakhs ($94,000) to build his dream house. This unusual house comes with exterior designs inspired from camera parts. It features a lens, flash, film reels and many other camera related items. This building has become a popular attraction among the locals and on the social media as well. The interior of the house also features a camera-themed design.

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