Cray X exoskeleton: German Bionic unveils 4th gen power suit

German Bionic Cray X exoskeleton

German Bionic, manufacturer of robotic exoskeletons has unveiled their latest power suit. Dubbed Cray X, the 4th generation smart power suit is made from carbon fiber. The Cray X exoskeleton is designed to provide support to the wearer’s lower back while lifting heavy goods. This human-machine system combines human intelligence with machine power and actively simulates and strengthens wearer’s movement. Thus, it can effectively reduce the risk of load-bearing injuries and workplace accidents as well.

Cray X exoskeleton from German Bionic

The all new 4th generation Cray X exoskeleton is made from carbon fiber that is ultra-light and much stronger as well. The smart power suit provides workers with lifting support up to 28kg while they are handling goods and tools. Therefore, the compression pressure in the lower back is reduced and risk of injury is minimized. The German Bionic Cray X power suit combines advanced micromechanical components and an ultra-light ergonomic carrying system.

Cray X exoskeleton from German Bionic

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The German Bionic IO platform links robust hardware with the latest cloud and IoT technologies to offer best performance solutions. Automatic OTA software updates and predictive maintenance ensure maximum uptime. The power suit ensures full Smart Factory 4.0 integration to connect and communicate with enterprise systems and machines. This will boost productivity as well as the health and safety of workers.

German Bionic

The Cray X exoskeleton from German Bionic is packed with dual high-performance servo motors that provide lifting support up to 28 kg. It comes with an exchangeable battery that offers battery life of about 8 hours. German Bionic Cray X is offered with flexible RaaS pricing plans so one can choose as per requirements. The plans start from €699($800) per month only. You can check their official website for plans and pricing. The company is also offering a smart Cray Visor that can protect wearers from airborne health risks.

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German Bionic
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