Indian designer Radhika Dhumal creates beetle-inspired coffee table

Elytra winged table by Radhika Dhumal

Radhika Dhumal, a furniture and interior design student at India’s National Institute of Design (NID) has come up with a unique coffee table. Taking inspiration from the natural world, the designer has created a coffee table that mimics the movement of the wings of a beetle. Dubbed Elytra: A winged table, Radhika was awarded the EDIDA award 2019 in student of the year category for the table.

Elytra winged table by Radhika Dhumal

The beetle-inspired coffee table from Radhika Dhumal features insect-like legs and a rounded head that forms the top portion of the table. The main curved body comes with two-glass inlay wings. Interestingly, these glass inlay wings can be opened to offer extra space. These expandable inlays spread just like the wings of a beetle when it’s about to fly off. The Elytra coffee table is a biomimetic, dynamic furniture piece that one will definitely love to have in his living room. The non-static nature of the table allow users easy access to the table top.

Elytra winged table

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It took Radhika 4 to 5 months to create this coffee table with the assistance of few furniture professionals. According to her, the design process started with some sketches which further led to the conceptualization and development of the table. With this dynamic design, the Indian designer wanted to make the table interactive and also bring out the fun element.

beetle-inspired coffee table from Radhika Dhumal-

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If the Elytra winged table from Radhika Dhumal has managed to impress you, check her other creations on her website and Instagram as well.
beetle-inspired coffee table
beetle-inspired coffee table

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