How to Improve the Value of Your Home

Whether you’re planning on selling your home in the next few years or are looking to make improvements for your own benefit, there is never an early enough time to think about how you can enhance your property. Even the smallest changes can make a huge impact, which not only makes your home more appealable to potential buyers but could also increase the value.

There would never be an early enough time to get started, as many projects can be time-consuming, however, in this guide, we’re going to list a few of the key plans you should prioritize to improve the value of your home:

Interior decorators

You may have neglected the idea of decorating the interior of your home; however, homeowners are typically drawn to visually appealing properties, as they won’t need to spend time re-decorating upon moving in. If you are no interior design expert, it can be challenging to know which styles are on-trend and would appeal to potential buyers, however, you could get in touch with a luxury interior design firm to collaborate with you on this project, to make your home much more sellable and potentially improve the resale value when putting your property on the market.

Structural issues

You may not have paid close attention to the structural condition of your property; however, this can play a significant role in the value of your home. In this instance, you need to hire a surveyor to carry out a full inspection of your property and check for any structural issues, such as subsidence.Unfortunately, this is one of the costliest repairs you’ll be faced with, but if you’re hoping to boost the value of your home, it is critical.

Other structural issues to be aware of include:

• Rotting and damp
• Drooping roofs
• Missing roof tiles
• Pest infestation

Loft conversion

If you don’t have much space to extend the exterior of the property, why not think about a loft conversion? This additional space could make an extra bedroom or living room and has the potential to add thousands of dollars onto the value of your home. Loft conversions are highly sought-after features of properties due to their size and the possibility of letting plenty of natural light into the room if roof lights are added. You’ll also be pleased to know that this type of conversion doesn’t require planning permission as you’re simply converting the existing build.


The kitchen is considered to be the most valuable room in the home for potential homeowners and often impacts whether or not the prospective buyer chooses to buy the property. It is estimated that the kitchen can add approximately 6% onto your home’s value, so it isn’t an aspect to be overlooked. There are several DIY hacks you can carry out without having to replace the entire kitchen, such as repainting the cupboards and changing door handles and work surfaces to give the room a whole new lease of life.

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