Woodworking Art comes up with wooden scale model of Audi Q7

Audi Q7 2021 wooden car from Woodworking Art

We have showcased many wooden cars built by various artists here in the past. Well, it’s been a while since we featured any such wooden creations here. However, this was until today as we are bringing to you an amazing wooden scale replica of 2021 Audi Q7. Woodworking Art, a popular YouTube channel with more than 1.62 million subscribers is behind this beautiful wooden car. You can watch the handcrafting process of the scale model of Audi Q7 SUV in a 12 minutes video uploaded on the YouTube channel.

The miniature wooden scale replica of the SUV is hand-built painstakingly and is designed with extreme detailing. Firstly, the building process starts by drawing a sketch of the SUV onto a piece of wood. After that, the rough shape is carved out and tires are built first. The mini SUV’s chassis is built after that with the help of few metal parts and tires are also fixed. The main body of the SUV is crafted by taking design cues from a picture and finally it is rested upon the chassis for completion.

wooden scale model of Audi Q7

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The miniature Audi Q7 2021 wooden car from Woodworking Art is completely handcrafted. The artist worked with basic tools such as a hammer and coupe of chisels to build such a masterpiece. The wooden car comes with spinning wheels which allow it to move forward and backwards. Besides that, all the four doors are functional and windows can be glided up and down using hands. The exterior shares all the major details of the Q7 SUV such as front grille, headlights, reversing sensors and of course the Audi brand logo.

wooden scale model of Audi Q7

It took the wood artist about 15 days to complete this car based on the prototype of the Audi Q7 2021. If you liked it, you can checkout other incredible artwork by the artist on Woodworking Art YouTube channel.
Audi Q7 2021 wooden car from Woodworking Art

Credit: Carscoops

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