Vegan AppleSkin leather for Gus* Modern is made from apple peels

vegan AppleSkin leather from Gus Modern

Gus* Modern, Toronto-based furniture and home accessories company has come up with a very innovative and nature-friendly alternative for animal based leather. The brand has introduced Vegan AppleSkin leather which is made from apple cores and peels. Yes, you read that right! The eco-friendly upholstery material will adorn the Gus* new furniture collection. The Fall 2020 collection will include brand’s popular seating designs such as Mix modular collection and Truss chair.

vegan AppleSkin leather from Gus Modern

The Vegan AppleSkin leather is an unconventional and environmental friendly alternative to animal-based leather. This bio-based material is made by upcycling fruit fiber (apple cores and peels). The discarded fruit sap is combined with polymers to create a vegan biopolymer material. Moreover, it is OEKO-TEX® certified, which means it has passed strict standards for health and safety. Also, this vegan leather is durable, easy to clean and retains the aesthetics of the natural leather as well. Besides that, it offers the same look and feel as that of natural leather.

vegan AppleSkin leather

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Anthony Santino, Vice-President of Sales at Gus* Design Group stated- “We’re excited to launch an innovative, vegan material that’s created with upcycled components. This new bio-based material saves apple peels and cores from going to landfills and is a harmonious addition to our other eco-friendly options – FSC-Certified wood and cushion fill made from recycled plastic bottles.”

Gus Modern

The vegan AppleSkin leather made from upcycled apple waste is manufactured in Italy and is designed specially fir Gus* Design. The vegan leather from Gus* Modern is presented in two colors- Cognac and Licorice. The new eco-friendly material adorns selected modern seating designs from the brand like the Truss chair. You can buy the brand’s furniture from more than 150 retailers all over world including America, Asia, and Australia.

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