CBD Oil: The Ins and Outs of Hemp Consumption

The consumption of hemp is relatively little understood, with many simply associating it with the same attributes as recreationally using cannabis. However, it is a far deeper matter than that, with hemp used in foods, for extracting oil for medical use and generally as a natural health product.

These ins and outs should explain why this legally consumable product is proving popular, yet confusing.


Hemp is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet and can be used not only for consumption, but also for textiles and fuel. Though taxonomically the same plant as marijuana, hemp is different in that is contains incredibly low traces of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and therefore does not result in a “high”.

Hemp is rich in fiber and fatty acids, being used to help joints, the skin and the heart. Its consumption is either in hemp-based foods or foods containing hemp extracts.

Examples of hemp foods:

• Chocolate spread

Chocolate spreads can be made with a raw hemp seed base and often also include raw cacao and raw coconut sugar. They generally include far less sugar than usual chocolate or hazelnut spreads and come in vegan varieties. Just like normal chocolate spread, it is used for toast, in cakes, or for dipping.

• Milk

As a dairy alternative, hemp milk often contains more calcium than cow’s milk, plenty of protein and can act as an anti-inflammatory. Hemp milk is even possible to make at home using hemp seeds, water and berries.

• Seeds

The seeds, while also giving their goodness to the products above, can also be eaten as they are, sprinkled over salads or included in smoothies. Hemp seeds have been included in Chinese cooking for thousands of years and are surely due to boom in popularity in the US soon.

• Oil

Derived directly from the hemp plant is CBD (cannabidiol) oil. There are full-spectrum tinctures for sale at Premier Hemp Company which give you a wide choice of flavors for this product. Tinctures are used for taking the oil under your tongue, which are inexpensive and fast-acting. It is also possible to take CBD as an e-liquid, or vape, and as capsules. Finally, CBD comes as skincare products such as balms or lotions.

Alleged benefits

While CBD oil and hemp are largely scientifically unproven, they are subjectively useful for a number of reasons. Pain relief and combatting anxiety and depression are two main uses, along with fighting insomnia in children. Packed with healthy fatty acids, it is allegedly good for the skin and can reduce acne, while it has recently been found to potentially lower blood pressure.

Alongside these health benefits, one major benefit of hemp products and CBD oil is that it is relatively inexpensive in regard to the positive effects it can sometimes have.


Before using any new health products, consulting your doctor is essential. CBD oil and hemp products are still undergoing plenty of scientific research, but what is clear is that they provide a number of benefits for many people. Having been used in foods and medicines for hundreds and thousands of years across the globe, this ancient plant is quickly moving into 21st century consciousness.

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