Jaipur Designer Gives New Life to Waste Paper as 100% Biodegradable Furniture

Biodegradable Furniture by Spriha Chokhani

You might have seen people using discarded paper as paper art or recycled paper bags. But there’s one Jaipur-based designer, Spriha Chokhani, who converts waste paper into 100% biodegradable furniture. She even founded a company called Pulp Factory in 2017 for giving new life to unused paper as fully-functional and water-resistant furniture.

Jaipur designer make furniture from waste paper

Spriha thought about making biodegradable furniture from waste paper around ten years back when she was a design school student. As part of a project assigned to them, Spriha noticed how others were making use of cane or bamboo to create different products. But she observed that materials, like papier mache, were not used by anyone. Besides souvenirs from Kashmir and Bihar, no only else explores this material. This got her more curious and that’s when she decided to create a full range of 100% compostable papier-mache furniture.

Spriha Chokhani

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She managed to create six different styles of furniture that can easily withstand weight up to 80 to 100 kg. Today, she is proudly selling her eco-friendly range of furniture along with box bags, totes, and pouches made from paper textiles, under her brand Pulp Factory.

Furniture made from waste paper

The major initiative taken by the company is to make the best out of newspaper waste. Every day over 6 million tonnes of newspaper waste ends up at an unorganized segregation system. But if used properly, this waste paper can be turned into sustainable furniture while encouraging environmental benefits and economic growth.

Biodegradable Furniture from Pulp Factory

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We don’t realize how many products that we use as part of our routine are harming the environment. Simply switching from leather to wooden furniture won’t make much difference to the environment. Even paints, furniture glue, and wood stains are intoxicating to our environment. It’s high time we start thinking about our consumption and consider using more sustainable designs. Obviously, Pulp Factory is the perfect place to start.
 Pulp Factory

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