Cranfield Simulation unveils the most realistic F1 racing simulator

F1 simulator from Cranfield Simulation
Racing simulators comes closest in offering the real racing experience to motorsport enthusiasts. Well, the racing simulator which we are showing you today is designed to take that racing experience to new heights. UK-based Cranfield Simulation has come up with a full-motion F1 simulator that will offer you the most realistic and visually authentic experience. The company is known worldwide to supply g-cueing systems to F1 teams and military simulators as well. Besides F1, their technology offering realistic experience has been adopted by F2, GT and NASCAR teams also.

F1 racing simulator f

Not only the F1 simulator from Cranfield Simulation offers real-life racing experience but it looks like an original Formula 1 car too. These racing simulators are constructed around a composite single seater chassis formed from a real F1 cast. Thus, the seating position of the driver in the simulator is exactly the same as in a real F1 car. Also, real car controls including the steering wheel and pedals are provided to enhance the over-all driving experience. The interior comes with black alcantara finish with black stitching. Furthermore, the cockpit comes lined up with carpet for extra comfort.

F1 simulator from Cranfield Simulation

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The Formula 1 simulators comes with powerful state of the art computer with water cooling systems. They feature a custom moulded seat that adjusts to variety of sizes. The pre-installed software offers you entry to online e-sports racing. Also, you can choose from many different cars and tracks from all over the world. Moreover, you can pick a real steering wheel used in F1, F2 or F3 racing series featuring a full screen LCD screen.

F1 racing simulator from Cranfield Simulation

Cranfield Simulation offers preset packages to their customers and also offers them choice to build their own system with loads of customization options available. One can choose from various motion options, colors, interior trims, steering wheels, pedals and visual systems. Besides that, one can also get customized driver clothing like the helmet, race suit, gloves and boots.

F1 racing simulator

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Cranfield Simulation also offers professional race driver remote coaching packages. Additionally, professional race driver on site visitation is also available. However, all these packages will attract extra charges to an already expensive-looking luxury toy. The price of the F1 racing simulator has not been revealed but we are pretty sure, it won’t be cheap. Well, if are interested and have lots of money to splash around, you can get the pricing details and other information by getting in touch with the company.

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