Lucknow-based Chhappan Bhog sells India’s most expensive sweet for INR 50,000 per kg

Exotica- Most expensive sweet of India
Do you love Indian sweets? If you ask us, we are fond of them and believe that most sweet-toothed people love them too. However, the Indian sweet that we are showing you today not only need a sweet-tooth, but a pocket full of money as well. Called Exotica, it is the most expensive sweet of India and comes with a hefty price tag of INR 50,000 per Kilogram.

Exotica- Most expensive sweet of India

The Exotica Mithai (Hindi word for sweet) is prepared by Chhappan Bhog, a well-known manufacturer of premium sweets and other delectable delicacies. The manufacturer’s stop is located in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Exotica is a dry mithai which is made using few rare ingredients gathered from different parts around the globe. India’s most expensive sweet is prepared using Blueberries imported from USA. Besides that, Macadamia nuts are used which are sourced from South Africa and Australia. Hazelnut is imported from Europe whereas pine nuts, Mamra almonds and saffron are collected from other regions.

Exotica by Chhappan Bhog

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Chhappan Bhog is looked after by Ravindra Gupta who started this venture back in 1992 with his father and two younger brothers. Exotica Mithai was designed and prepared by the owner and his team back in 2007. It started when a Delhi-based industrialist asked them to create a priceless sweet with sumptuous flavors. Ravindra and his team studied the international market and realized that erotic nuts and dry fruits can be used to create something special and unique. Thus, Exotica was created which is now the most expensive sweet of India.

India’s most expensive sweet by Chhappan Bhog

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It takes 6-7 hours for making a single batch of the Exotica sweet. It is available all year around and can only be bought from Sadar Bazaar, Lucknow store of the manufacturer. The INR 50,000/kg dry-sweet comes in bite-size of 2.5 cm and has an outer coating of pure edible gold. Also, the dessert is offered in a special wooden box that increases shelf life of the sweet as well.

Via: TimesOfIndia

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