TCCT eClassic driving simulator is designed after vintage cars

eClassic driving simulator by TCCT

Most of the racing simulators that we have seen are based on latest racing and sports car. Although, they are quite popular among the younger generation, impressing the old school generation is a little hard for them.  Which is why, The Classic Car Trust or TCCT has come up with eClassic driving simulator. These racing cockpits are designed for classic car lovers who can drive and race with vintage cars whenever and wherever they want. The eClassic simulator will offer you an authentic driving experience in your home and will not harm the environment as well.

“Elio Z” TCCT eClassic Zagato edition

TCCT is a Liechtenstein-based organization which is dedicated to promote the heritage, enjoyment, and preservation of classic cars in today’s world. Thus, to keep that legacy alive, the organization has come up with these classic and cool simulators. It has collaborated with Italian Design Company Pininfarina and Zagato to create the eClassic driving simulator. Besides that, TCCT has also teamed up with Switzerland-based Racing Unleashed that creates high-end racing simulators. The eClassic driving simulator uses Racing Unleashed’s state-of-the-art simulator technology to offer classic car driver experience to its users.

eClassic driving simulator by TCCT

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The exterior design of the vintage-styled simulator is inspired by 1946 Italian Cisitalia 202 GT car. Also, to offer the classic feel to its users, the simulator comes with a genuine vintage steering wheel. Besides that, it comes with diamond stitching leather-wrapped interiors and old school-styled manual gear shifters and pedals. The simulator uses three displays to offer the drivers an immersive experience. However, it can also be used with VR.

eClassic driving simulator by TCCT

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The eClassic simulator from TCCT is offered in two vintage styles: “Sportiva” TCCT eClassic Pininfarina edition and “Elio Z” TCCT eClassic Zagato edition. Both these are designed to offer the vibe and look of a vintage car. TCCT has also developed an app so that the members of exclusive eClassic Racing Club can connect digitally with other classic car enthusiasts. Furthermore, they can enjoy training sessions and can also take part in races and championships.

eClassic driving simulator by TCCT

The eClassic driving simulator by TCCT is expected to be available in 2021. You can visit the official website for further information.
“Sportiva” TCCT eClassic Pininfarina edition

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