Frank Gehry designs artistic bottle for Hennessy X.O worth $19K

Hennessy X.O X Frank Gehry decanter
Hennessy, France-based cognac distiller is celebrating the 150th anniversary of Hennessy X.O this year. The brand commissioned world-renowned American-Canadian architect Frank Gehry to design a special edition decanter to mark this occasion. The artist has used his signature sculptural style to reimagine the iconic bottle of Hennessy X.O cognac. Named ‘Masterpiece’, Frank has artistically blended gold and glass in the bottle’s design that depicts the rick legacy of the Hennessy Maison.

Frank Gehry designs Hennessy X.O decanter

Frank Gehry has drawn inspiration from the rich Hennessy X.O blend for the 150th anniversary Masterpiece. Besides that, he has taken design cues from the vital soil, twisting vines and the Charente River that runs through the Hennessy Maison. Also, the prestigious Pritzker Prize-winning architect has thoroughly considered the rich customs and art of distillation of the ‘Extra Old’ cognac.

Frank Gehry designs Hennessy X.O decanter

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The Hennessy X.O decanter is enveloped by a custom made handcrafted cover that is made from 24 carat gold-dipped bronze. Interestingly, it captures the radiant movement of water in the Charente River as light is reflected from it. Furthermore, the bottle is wrapped by a glass glorifier that enhances the look of the sculptural decanter.

cognac bottle

Gehry stated, ““There is such a great history for this product. It was an honor to take on the challenge.” He further commented, “The decanter has a strikingly different texture of crumpled, shimmering gold with translucent glass, a combination that evokes the waters of the Charente River flowing over the rocks. I am not afraid to try and break boundaries.”

cognac bottle

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The Hennessy X.O X Frank Gehry 150th anniversary masterpiece bottle is a limited edition of 150 units. Each will come with a whopping price tag of £15,000(around $19,500). However, Hennessy will also release a wider range of limited edition X.O bottles that are also created by Frank Gehry. Each of these bottles will cost around $230. Both these decanters are available now from Harrods. You can learn more about the Masterpiece here.

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