List of Benefits from Using Suitable Mattresses for Your Body

On average people sleep from 7 to 9 hours a night. That’s roughly a third of your day, which also translates to a third of your life. It’s essential to have a quality mattress for your needs to get adequate rest.

When you’re sleep-deprived, you’ll lack productivity, focus, and concentration during work. Also, you’re more likely to be in a bad mood, feel tired, increase symptoms of depression, and overall fatigue. Besides mental health issues, lack of rest can also result in heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and obesity.

Now that you know the adverse symptoms of inadequate sleep, we’re going to look over the benefits of getting enough shut-eye with a suitable mattress for your body.

List of Benefits from Using Suitable Mattresses for Your Body

Reduce Issues of Snoring

It’s reported that 40% of men and 24% of women are habitual snorers. This might seem like an annoying problem for everyone else resting next to or near the person, but there’s more to it. If you snore, you could experience sleep apnea, which is a severe sleep disorder that puts you at risk of heart problems, stroke, and diabetes.

However, a proper mattress can help to reduce snoring during the night. The reason people snore is because their airway is restricted. This is due to not having enough support on your head, neck, and spine.

If you’re a snorer, you should look for medium-firm to firm mattresses. These will help keep your back and airways aligned. You won’t start to sag in too deep, and you’ll have better weight distribution.

List of Benefits from Using Suitable Mattresses for Your Body

Helps with Allergies

If you haven’t updated your mattress in the last ten years, there can be thousands of sweat, dust, skin, and hair particles in your bed from using it every night. Over time, these can start to affect your health and cause allergies.

You’ll wake up in the middle of the night or morning with a stuffy nose, worsened symptoms of asthma, or snoring. Buying a new mattress that’s hypoallergenic can help you get better rest and wake up feeling refreshed.

It’s so easy purchasing beds nowadays. They’re at department and specialty stores, and you can even buy some of the best mattresses in a box.

Supports Proper Alignment

Many people wake up with back or neck pain from sleeping. This can make it painful to do everyday tasks, like moving your head or sitting at your desk for an extended period of time. This type of chronic pain is usually from a poor mattress.

The spine and other parts of our bodies have natural curves that need to be supported. Different kinds of sleepers require specific mattresses. When you’re a side sleeper, you should have a more plush bed because your knees, hips, and shoulders can sink in, while your back is aligned.

However, if you’re a back or stomach sleeper, you need a firm mattress. This is to ensure your spine stays straight during the night and supports proper posture. Making sure you have the right bed for your needs will help you wake up pain-free.

The Bottom Line

Sleep is essential for our overall health. When we don’t get enough quality rest, it can make us less productive and have adverse effects on our mental and physical health.

Having a mattress that gives you a great night’s sleep is vital. It can reduce snoring, help with allergies, and support your spine. If you’re suffering from one or all of these problems, it’s time to look for a new bed.

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