How to Plan an Idyllic Campervan Holiday for 2021

As the world becomes increasingly acquainted with the restrictions of COVID-19, the ‘staycation’ domestic vacation is becoming increasingly desirable – and popular. There’s no doubt that the road trip is the most exciting way to take in more local sights on your 2021 vacation, and the best way to do this is within a campervan, which you can pull up to the side of the road and sleep in throughout your journey. Saving money on accommodation, getting to know your natural surroundings, and visiting out-of-the-way towns and villages – what’s not to like about a campervan vacation? Here’s how you can plan a successful campervan holiday for 2021.

Getting a Campervan

Your first port of call when planning your campervan road trip is getting hold of a vehicle that suits your needs. Campervans come in all shapes and sizes, and the market for campervans is stacked with excellent options for senior travelers, young couples, and even families. By buying secondhand, you’ll save cash that you can devote to your vacation, while buying new will guarantee a longer lifespan, ensuring that you’re able to take repeated campervan trips for years to come.


The enemy of the campervan road trip is the breakdown. You need to protect against this worst-case scenario by having your campervan comprehensively checked by a local mechanic before you take your trip. Being a long way from home, in an unfamiliar state and county, it can be difficult to conduct motorhome or campervan repairs on the road. Make sure that you pack at least one spare tire to help you limp to a garage in the event of a flat – and include in your packing the other essentials, like oil and a car jack, to help you conduct minor maintenance while on the road.


Campervans feel a lot like a home away from home. Instead of holidaying with only what you can pack within a suitcase, your campervan will feature far more of your creature comforts from home – including your own bedding, and the food and drink that you like to enjoy while you’re away. However, overpacking your campervan will make for a heavier and bumpier drive, so you should be sparing with the extras that you pack. Make use of some of the best online resources to help guide your road trip packing – but do feel free to add those little extras that’ll make your trip more comfortable.

Mapping Services and Route Planning

Finally, a road trip is incomplete without the planning of a route. Some vacationers prefer to make a rough plan, and see where the road takes them – others, meanwhile, are aiming for a specific destination, and will use Google Maps or other mapping services to get there as quickly as possible. Your key consideration, when using your campervan for a vacation, is the roads. You want to avoid poorly-paved and unpaved roads entirely – as bumpy roads can cause flat tires on campervans, and can throw the contents of your campervan around, causing breaks and damage to the interior of your van.

There you have it: four important tips for planning your campervan getaway for next year.

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