5 Ways to Fake an Expensive Style

You don’t need to enter debt to develop a luxurious, timeless look that will allow you to stand out on a street. While many forward-thinking fashionistas might have the money to spend on a coat or handbag that costs hundreds of dollars, you might be on a much smaller budget.
Yet, a little research, some savvy shopping, and clever hacks could help you to develop jaw-dropping outfits that ooze style and luxury. Change the way you shop forever by reading the following five ways to fake an expensive style.

1. Wear a Long Coat

Do you often wear a short coat every winter, such as a puffa jacket? If so, it’s time to stop, as you could be making an outfit look cheaper than necessary. Instead, you should buy a long black or beige coat to add instant style and elegance, which can make other layers look much more expensive.

2. Black is Best

Black is often synonymous with Coco Chanel, as the fashion icon used the solid color heavily in her tailored clothing and fabrics. The neutral color is not only sleek and flattering, but it can work in harmony with many shades and patterns. It is, therefore, a perfect option when looking for a formal dress, a pair of skinny jeans, a jacket, or footwear, as it can add a touch of refinement to any outfit.

3. Pointed Shoes with a Small Heel

High heels are more glamorous than sophisticated. If you want to develop a luxurious, effortless look that many people will want to replicate, don a pair of pointed shoes with a small heel. They’ll not only be comfortable to wear, but a black or nude shade will appear classic and elegant on your feet while adding a few extra inches onto your height.

4. Master Layering Basics

Following trends could cause your bank balance to dwindle at a fast rate. Create a more expensive look by learning how to layer basic clothing items. For example, a high-quality white shirt can look clean, simple, and sophisticated under a navy sweater. You also could stand out in a crowd by wearing a vibrant scarf, which can add a pop of color against a long black coat and a pair of dark skinny jeans.
Investing in many basics doesn’t need to cost a large sum, either, as many affordable retailers provide high-quality clothing, shoes, and accessories. Plus, you can reduce the cost of an order by looking for discounts online, such as Forever 21 coupons and cashback offers. So, before you visit the brand to place an order, browse the different active Forever 21 coupons to create your desired look on a small budget.

5. Take Pride in Your Appearance

It doesn’t matter if you have spent hundreds of dollars on an outfit, a messy hairstyle or wrinkled clothing could make your look appear cheap and unkempt. To ensure you don’t stand out for the wrong reasons, you must take great pride in your appearance.
For example, you must style your hair, trim your nails, and care for your skin each day. You also could look and feel beautiful by wearing natural makeup and a lip color that matches your skin tone.

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