Tips for Stress-free Holiday Cleaning

There are two main times of the year when we often get our cleaning hats on.

The first is spring, because it is called spring cleaning for a reason, and the second is the party season, also known as Christmas.

The hustle and bustle Christmas usually brings not only means that there is wrapping paper everywhere, muddy boots traipsed through the hallway carpet and an ungodly amount of stray glitter almost everywhere we look, but with COVID still very much amongst us, the cleaning part of Christmas needs to be just as diligent as the tidying part.

Take a look at these top tips for cleaning in the holidays.

Prioritize What Needs Tidying

When it comes to the festive season, how busy we are seemingly triples overnight. With so much to do and more and more stuff accumulating in the house, such as gifts or Christmas snacks in the pantry, it is really easy for things to start getting messy. Panic might ensue and the drive to sort through everything might be strong. That being said, is the 19th of December really the best time to go through that junk room in the house no one ever touches? Or to find the matching lids to the Tupperware bottoms? Unless you feel like this year just has not been stressful enough for you, then absolutely not.

Prioritize what needs tidying and keep it clear. It’s important that high traffic areas are easy to clean regularly and clutter makes that far more difficult. Put it in the junk room and worry about it later.

Plan Ahead

So you don’t spend every last minute of your time cleaning and tidying, plan ahead to give yourself an idea of when you will need the wipe downs and a quick vacuum over a full clean up. Sometimes it is better to have a full clean up after the family has gone home rather than before. This goes for workplaces too, which are equally as important when it comes to keeping clean and tidy. Spending half an hour vacuuming might just be pointless if the Christmas party is in three hours. Use your time wisely. Also, if we’re being honest, the last thing we all want to be doing is cleaning after a party, so why not treat yourself and your business to commercial cleaning Hobart to make sure your office or workplace is in immaculate condition upon your return?

Keep on Top of the Kitchen

The kitchen is often the home’s central hub, which means it sees a lot of fingerprints, spilled drinks, and crumbs throughout the day. It just so happens to be the place where the Christmas dinner is cooked or the Christmas cookies are baked, so having clean and tidy surfaces in here as often as possible is a must.

The kitchen is also often home to a bunch of gadgets and items that we do not use all the time (or at all). So, if you don’t think you are going to be using your egg slicer or that portable grill you bought in 2015 that you’ve only used once, then think about creating a box of storage and moving it out of the way. This creates more space for the items you will need to use, the people you are going to host, and, of course, snacks.

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