Quick tips for improving business efficiency during Covid-19

While there is now a potential covid-19 vaccine, it feels like we are a long way from the normality of going back into the office and having face-to-face interactions as we did before. That is why many of us are still considering how to make our companies work efficiently when we are all working remotely. We have Zoom calls all day and depend on technology for everything to function. This might be frustrating at times, but here are some ways to make things work for you:

1. Think about employee efficiency

Consider what employees need to do their jobs and how efficient they are. Do they have access to shared drives and cloud computing if necessary in order to do their jobs? Do files update automatically so people can insert comments the way they might if they were in the office? These are all things you need to think about. While an employee having to deal with a dropped phone line or the line going dead on Zoom may feel like a minor annoyance, at the end of the day, it is time lost, which they are being paid for. It might be worth trying to upgrade technology to help them.

2. Ask for advice

It is also worth thinking about getting some sort of expert help, for example, from consultants. People often think of consulting as expensive, but really it is only about an upfront cost, if anything – they act as investment and allow people to make their money back. This is what companies like HLB System Solutions do, helping businesses look at the way they work. Consultants are helpful because they can give an external perspective, and by benchmarking your equipment and technology, they can work out how you might be able to do things more efficiently in the future.

3. Don’t aim for perfection!

It is important to remember that nothing is perfect, and you may work very hard but not end up being as efficient as you would like with your time. A lot of people aim for 100% efficiency, but this is not always achievable and can even be impossible sometimes. You cannot always maximize your time or optimally divide your time between different things – it is more about trying to do the best job you can. In fact, you are most likely to become less efficient if you try to think about efficiency too much, as you will lose time to anxiety!

While these tips may feel like a pain to have to consider, it is important to remember that they will not just be useful for the next few months when the covid-19 vaccine comes into use. It is likely that the way we work forever will have changed fundamentally, and therefore it is really important that we are tech-ready and efficient for times when we have to spend the whole week working from home and on Zoom calls. So, making a change now could really make a long-term difference for you.

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Sunil Chandel

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