How to Build an Effective Direct Mail Marketing Plan for 2021

Did you know that advertisers spent $38.5 billion on direct mail advertising last year alone, making this method of marketing the largest expenditure for local advertising in the United States?

Providing your business with the opportunity to generate new leads, build awareness of your brand and promote any new products or services, it is not hard to see why this traditional advertising technique is loved by businesses big and small.

However, as with any marketing strategy, you need to make sure that you are moving with the times and providing your customers, both existing and new, with what they need, in the way that they need it.

Fortunately, if your direct mail marketing strategy could do with an update, or even if you are new to direct mail marketing, the below blog will tell you everything you need to know to build an effective direct mail marketing plan for 2021 and beyond.

Personalize your design

As direct mail marketing is so popular with advertisers up and down the country, households are being bombarded with leaflets and flyers on a daily basis. Therefore, it has never been more important that you find a way to ensure your brand stands out from the crowd.

One of the simplest ways to do this is by adding a personal touch by using pen machine addressing or hand addressing. Not only does this make your mail feel more personal, but it also increases the visibility of your advertisement.

Add a post-it

You will be surprised at how effective this simple design strategy is in catching the eye of the recipient and ensuring they actually read the ad in front of them rather than immediately throwing it in the trash. Post-it notes have the unique ability to be able to be easily kept to look at later, either by being stuck on the fridge or pinned on a noticeboard in the kitchen.

You can maximize this method by using the previous tip and making sure the note is hand addressed.

Use scratch-off mailing

Most people like to try their luck with a scratch card every now and again, so why not tap into this habit and offer a scratch-off feature to your direct mail? By putting a scratch-off box on your ad, you ensure that the customer is directly interacting and engaging with your product and your brand. This can help to improve brand recognition and brand perception.

Plus, if they win something, an instant positive connotation with your business.

Focus on great visuals

First and foremost, your ad needs to be visually appealing if you want consumers to actually look at it and take in what you are selling. Although you should always follow the basic design rules for this type of ad, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and get creative when it comes to showcasing what your business is about.

Although this may cost a little more, it will be worth it in terms of ROI and how your advertisement makes the recipients feel about and remember your brand.

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