How to Run a Successful B2B Marketing Campaign

Marketing to businesses is an entirely different beast to marketing to individual consumers. While marketing to individual consumers is mostly structured around creating brand loyalty and a compelling message, marketing to businesses must be structured around providing concise information… while also creating brand loyalty and a compelling message!

Where consumers respond more readily to emotionally-based messaging, businesses will have strict procurement policies that they must adhere to. This means that although it’s important to make a connection with the person you are marketing to, you need to be able to deliver the information that convinces of a sound business decision and ROI.

Email or social media

A lot of B2C marketing is based around social media, which makes sense. A huge number of people have some kind of social media presence, and they carry it around with them all day on their phones. Why not tap into it?

For businesses, the approach is slightly different. While you can use social media to appeal to businesses, in general, email is a much more effective tool for B2B marketing.

Email for B2B marketing allows you to target your campaign to precisely the right person. It’s no good convincing Bob on the social media team that your product is great when it’s Barry on the procurement team who is making the purchasing decisions.

Plus, workplaces are built around email; most people use their inboxes as an organizational tool as well as a method of communication. By speaking directly to someone’s inbox, you’re putting yourself on their list of things to look at!

Who are your prospects?

As with any marketing campaign, it’s essential that you work out who you are talking to.

With B2B marketing, there are a few layers to this. First, you need to determine what kind of business is likely to be interested in your product. Then you need to work out whether or not they are likely to be buying at the moment, and finally, you need to know enough about the type of person reading your email that you can create resonance with them.

Lead generation for business isn’t an easy task, and it’s time-consuming. One way to approach is to use Lead Lists B2B data lists, which is a carefully curated list of leads that have been generated from Lead Lists extensive database, based on your requirements.

A logical, ROI driven approach

When conducting a B2B marketing campaign, it’s important to appreciate that the person on the other end will likely be conducting a procurement exercise and has a strict set of guidelines that need to be met.

You will need to ensure that you convey the message that you meet those guidelines as quickly and concisely as possible to make it through to the next round in the process where you actually get to talk to them!

Make sure that your copy is to the point and includes all of the key things your prospect needs to know. It can also be a good idea to build an informative website that allows them to find out all that they need to know.

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