PDP unveils retro-styled limited edition drum kit

Drum kit from PDP

It’s been a while since we featured anything related to musical instruments here. Which is why, we are more than excited to show you a newly launched drum kit today. Created by Pacific Drums and Percussion (PDP), the limited edition drum kit comes adorned in twisted ivory with natural walnut hoops. Those who don’t know, PDP is a progressive drum brand founded by Drum Workshop, Inc. in 1999.

Drum kit from PDP

The Twisted Ivory & Walnut Wood Hoop Kit is designed in California and will be available only in 2021. The retro looking drum kit is crafted from all-European maple shells and then finished with twisted ivory. Besides that, it is embellished with walnut wood hoops that provides a fatter and warmer tone to the classic toms. Also, the walnut counter hoops comes with die cast claw hooks that offers a warm and distinct side-stick sound.


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The limited edition drum kit will be offered as a shell pack that includes 12”x 8” tom, 16”x16” floor tom and a 16”x22” bass drum. The 16” x 16” floor is on legs whereas the 12” x 8” rack comes with an STM and 991 tom clamp for mounting from the available cymbal stand. Furthermore, you can add a matching 6.5×14″ European Maple snare as well to complete the shell pack. The limited edition snare comes with 8-lug tuning and MAG throw-off.

Twisted Ivory & Walnut Wood Hoop Kit from PDP

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The limited edition Twisted Ivory & Walnut Wood Hoop Kit from PDP will be available during 2021. So, if you are interested in getting one, you better hurry because according to PDP, “After that, it’s gone!” There is no word on the price and availability of the drum kit. You can visit the drum brand’s official website for more information.
Twisted Ivory & Walnut Wood Hoop Kit from PDP

Via: MusicRadar

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