How to Make Your Home Look Magazine-Worthy

For some homeowners, creating a cozy and liveable space to lounge in is simply not enough when it comes to home design, and many people want to make their home look magazine-worthy instead. If you are starting to get envious of all of the pristine homes that you read about in magazines, then here is a guide to some of the ways that you can give your home a professional touch.

1. Hire Professional Painters

Although many people opt to perform their redecoration projects DIY due to a need to be cost-effective, if you do not have the right skills, DIY home décor can look unfinished long after you put down the final paintbrush. Then, to ensure that your home looks fresh and refined, you should consider hiring professional painters to complete the job for you. If you want to achieve the standards of show homes for your property, you can find the best painters in Northwest Arkansas by going to NWA Hog’s Painting.

2. Use Your Wall Space

When you are redecorating your home, most people focus on installing new furniture and soft furnishings into their space while leaving the walls blank and lifeless. However, you will notice that magazine homes often make use of every square inch possible, including that of your walls. To break up the monotony, you should consider installing chic floating or invisible shelves that can help you store your possessions in style or add bright artwork to give your home a certain mood.

3. Jazz Up Your Floors

Most people choose not to spend out on their floors, instead opting for basic options such as carpeting or tiles. However, the floor that you decide upon is one of the biggest design choices that you will have to make for your home. To give your home flair, you should consider opting for lightly patterned flooring to make your home look modern. If this is not right for you, you should consider adding a statement rug to create definition.

4. Create Cohesiveness

However, if there is one element of home design that magazines get right, it is cohesiveness. Rather than simply designing each room individually, you should consider designing your home as a whole, ensuring that each room blends seamlessly into the other. This is especially important if you have an open-plan home. You can do this by opting for a limited or muted color palette or by using the same room themes throughout.

5. Use Your Nooks

Homes are not always built-in easy-to-decorate shapes, though, and many people have nooks and crannies within their home that they have no idea what to do with. Instead of leaving an empty space in these, you should utilize them as much as possible by creating cozy seating areas, home offices, or even a storage space that can contain the debris of everyday life and leave the rest of your home looking sparkling clean and tidy. This will ensure that your home is interesting and unique no matter where your guests look.

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