Indian guy builds Lamborghini supercar replica from scrap

Indian guy builds Lamborghini supercar replica from scrap

We have featured numerous replicas and miniature versions of supercars here in the past. Well, the one which we are bringing to you today is quite different from all the previous ones because it is created entirely out of scrap. Yes, you read that right! Anas, a young man from Idukki district, Kerala has built a Lamborghini Huracan supercar replica from scrap materials.

Anas was interested in cars since his childhood and was thinking of building one from a long time. With the Lamborghini replica, he wanted to make use of the things which usually people throw away. The video of the scrap-made Lamborghini Huracan was uploaded by Arun Smoki on his YouTube channel. Although, the junk made version is not the best looking replica of the supercar, people have appreciated the efforts of the young man. As the exterior is made from flex banners, one can clearly see the uneven surfaces and lack of smoothness.

Indian guy builds Lamborghini supercar replica from scrap

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The scrap-made Lamborghini replica comes with a Hero Glamour motorcycle engine which is placed at the rear with a glass top. Anas fabricated alloy wheels and frame from a local garage. Interestingly, he has done the wiring and lighting himself which he learned online. The supercar replica is installed with old Maruti 800 tyres. The nose of the car can be lifted as well using the jack under the bonnet.
The scrap made Lamborghini Huracan replica features a flat bottom steering wheel and has fully-functional paddle shifters. The dashboard is made from recycled materials and salvaged electronic items are used for switches and lights. Besides that, it comes with a sound system, speedometer made from a smartphone and front and rear view camera. The homemade supercar replica has 4 gears and a reverse gear and there is a sunroof as well.

Kerala man builds Lamborghini Huracan replica from scrap

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Even though, it is not an ideal replica of the Lamborghini Huracan supercar, we really appreciate the vision and creativity of this young man. We hope to see few more creations from him in the coming future.

scrap made car
scrap made car

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