Curtiss Motorcycles unveils its first all electric motorcycle

electric motorcycle from Curtiss Motorcycles
Curtiss Motorcycles, previously Confederate Motors has introduced their latest luxury motorcycle. Dubbed ‘One’, this is the first ever electric bike from the Alabama-based manufacturer of exotic street motorcycles. The automotive brand was started by Glen Curtiss in 1902, and in 2017 the company rebranded itself and switched to all-electric motorcycles with a partnership with Zero Motorcycles. Their latest offering comes with a futuristic design that ensures a quiet, comfortable ride without any distractions.

electric motorcycle from Curtiss Motorcycles

The electric motorcycle comes with no-compromise aircraft-inspired TLP monocoque chassis architecture. Interestingly, these are probably the lightest and slimmest chassis built for a motorcycle. Furthermore, the motor is centered along the vertical and horizontal axis of the chassis for perfect drive geometry. Also, the electric motorbike comes without gearbox and the power is delivered to the rear wheel through a maintenance free belt drive. So, with no shifting and no clutch, the motorcycle offers a direct connection between the rider’s wrist and torque delivered by the motor.


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The ‘One’ electric motorcycle from Curtiss Motorcycles weighs 425 pounds only which is almost 100 pounds less than any comparable motorbike. Moreover, it comes with a greater ground clearance and lower seat height to offer more comfort and confidence. Also, it has 399 V immersion-cooled system for safety and optimized heat regulation. The electric motorcycle offers a peak power output of 120hp and a steady output of 87hp. Besides that, fully-adjustable tuning is provided via cloud-based software updates.


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The rider-centric electric motorcycle is designed to fit the needs of every client. Additionally, with the level of adaptability built into the design, the motorcycle can be tailored as per the request of their clients. Curtiss Motorcycles will be offering a limited edition of 15 units of the exclusive 2021 Glenn H. Curtiss Founders Edition. It will be available in summer for a price of $115,000. On the other hand, the ‘One’ variant of the electric motorcycle will be produced every year. Slated to be available by the end of 2021, it will be a limited edition of 100 units and will cost $81,000.
electric motorcycle from Curtiss Motorcycles

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