Are There Different Types Of Water Filters?

Are There Different Types Of Water Filters?

Water filters get rid of unwanted impurities from water, such as taste and odor, sediment, bacteria, and hardness, to produce nothing but good quality water.

There are different kinds of water filters that solve various water-related problems–from making coffee taste better to improving the overall quality of your drinking water, ensuring that your family is safe from water-borne diseases.

If you’re confused about which water filter to consider for your home, below are some of the options that you can choose from:

Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

Reverse osmosis is the process of getting rid of dissolved inorganic solids like calcium and magnesium ions from the water. It’s a highly effective way to purify water and is typically combined with various filters, like an activated carbon filter and mechanical filter,so your water will have little to no contaminants remaining.

Do note that there are reverse osmosis models with a 5 stage process and such systems utilize water pressure to force water through the membrane, hence it doesn’t use electricity. The extra filters used in a multi-stage water filtration make a reverse osmosis system more expensive than some filtration methods, but in applications where pure water is needed, reverse osmosis provides the best possible level of filtration.

Are There Different Types Of Water Filters?

Activated Carbon Filters

Also referred to as pre-filters or carbon filters, activated carbon filters are responsible for removing bigger particles, like sediment. These work by absorbing and attracting particles so they won’t be present in the water from your faucet.

Activated carbon filters also ensure that the result tastes better and has no odors. The reason behind it is that the amount of contaminants like chlorine is reduced. Such contaminants make the water smelly and quite unpleasant to drink.

Ceramic Filters

If you want to make your home eco-friendly, you can consider using a ceramic filter that’s made of quality ceramic with many small pores. It filters anything bigger than the pore size, keeping your water free from dirt particles. Often treated with silver, ceramic water filters can prevent algae and mold and kill bacteria in the water.

One of the best things about using ceramic water filters is that they’re easy to use. However, they’re not effective against viruses.

Whole House Filters

One of the most expensive and biggest types of water filters is whole-house filters. They’re engineered to purify all water for your entire home. More often than not, these are multi-stage filtering systems, which can eliminate any major contaminant. Also, most of these systems are water softeners that can get rid of the water spots and ensure clean water.

A whole-house filter is usually installed into your home’s mainline and requires professionals for proper installation.

UV Filters

UV filters are a unique kind of water filter that works by exposing the water to UV light, which kills viruses, bacteria, protozoa, and so on. Generally, they’re lightweight, small, and powered by batteries.

When compared to other portable water filters, they’re a little expensive. Also, they don’t remove sediment from your water, so it isn’t a good choice for water that’s loaded with solid particles.


There are different types of water filters available in today’s market, making it challenging to decide which one to choose. Now that you know some of them, you’ll be able to narrow down your search for the kind of water filter that’ll suit your needs.

Whether you require a permanent water filtering system for your entire home or just a portable one that you can bring wherever you go, the above information will help you make a wise choice.

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