Immigration Laws Within A Multi-Cultural Society

Immigration is a legal minefield that can leave anyone desperate for help and can cause a lot of stress. Whether it is for a holiday or relocating to a different country, there are any number of difficulties to deal with that can leave even the most level-headed of people flustered and needing help.

Facts and figures

Upwards of 1 million people are believed to emigrate to America each year, whether for greater career prospects, improved healthcare, or even just to settle down somewhere warmer post-retirement. As a result, in 2015 the foreign-born population was predicted at approximately at 45million, with projections suggesting it could reach 78million within the next 50 years. Many countries thrive off of immigrations, with the varying cultures providing a colorful and exciting backdrop for metropolitan societies to co-exist. With such high numbers, it is little surprise that there always seems to be such a clamor for people to settle there, legally or otherwise. As an example, 1 in 5 people living in Nevada is believed to be an immigrant, with them proving integral to the workforce, making up nearly two-thirds of the hotel and hospitality industries that are ingrained within the culture of the state.

What are the main problems?

Chasing the American Dream has never been more difficult, with federal and state authorities clamping down on the number of people emigrating through stricter work permit and visa regulations. This can create large concerns and issues that could arise when emigrating to another nation, but what is life without challenges to overcome? Aside from the obvious culture clashes and possible language barrier, there are legal issues that can beset even the most well-prepared ex-pat. Visas and green cards are required for residency or to even visit the country, and with 50 separate states being able to apply their own laws to the situation, it becomes a minefield of red tape and legal issues. Without green cards and visas, it becomes very difficult to gain employment, whilst any criminal convictions could also prove to be a hindrance for anyone looking to move.

Who’s in charge then?

The federal government has the sole authority when it comes to issuing green cards and visas, leaving it to the individual states to enforce the regulations, although they do have the power to determine where the line is. All states have to use the E-Verify system to make sure somebody is living in the company legally, whilst much like in most other nations, a photo ID is required to prove citizenship or, at the very least, permission to be in the country. Eric Palacios and Associates Law Firm can help to navigate the various laws and litigation that inevitably follows when settling in a new nation, with Certified Immigration law specialists on hand to support anyone who has any concerns or issues getting their head around rapidly changing immigration laws. It is enough to cause significant stress to anyone, and sometimes you just need that extra helping hand to point you in the right direction.

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