5 Household Jobs You Shouldn’t Learn from YouTube

It’s a bit of a running joke that you can learn most things on YouTube, and while that may be very true, just because you can learn something on YouTube, it doesn’t mean you should learn to or attempt the job in your home.

The bottom line is that your home needs to be safe and secure, and you need to know that you’ve got the best installations. For that, you’ll need to hire a professional.

Why Go Pro?

Professionals have had the training to do the job properly; they’ve also put the time in to build their skills and experience.

You can learn a lot, and there are many jobs you can do yourself, but when it comes to the next five household jobs, it’s best to hire a professional to get it done for your own peace of mind at the very least.


Let’s face it; plumbing is hard work! If you get it wrong, you could cause a flood in your home that could be very dangerous.

Avoid the worry about badly done plumbing by hiring a professional plumber such as Dial One to do the jobs you can’t do. You may be able to change a washer on a waste pipe quite easily, but a plumber is needed for the jobs that are a bit more involved!


Electrics done wrong can be very dangerous. Here in the US, we tend to build houses out of timber, which means they are a higher fire risk than their brick counterparts.

Get a qualified electrician in to do the jobs that you can’t do, and make sure they are well qualified and well experienced to do what you need them to do.

House Movers

Sure, you could hire a self-drive van and move all of your gear to your new home yourself, but it’s a LOT of work and a LOT of stress.

Professional movers will be able to help you move awkward furniture, they will have their own vans and teams to get the job done, and they’ll help you unpack to the right rooms at your destination.

This is a job you could easily do on your own, but if you value your sanity, it makes much more sense to hire a team of movers in and relax while they take care of it for you.

Building Work

Depending on your state laws and building codes, you may have to hire a professional construction worker to work on your home. You can probably build smaller things yourself, but if you’re thinking of adding an extension or doing serious modification to your home, it is vital that you speak with a professional builder and get their input on your project to make sure it’s safe and meets the regulations in your state.


Plastering is one of those trades that looks so easy but done badly; it will be very expensive to fix.

It might be worth you learning how to plaster from a professional if your home needs a lot of it, but if there’s only a bit to do, it makes more sense to hire a professional.

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