5 Tips for Keeping your Home Rubbish-Free

5 Tips for Keeping your Home Rubbish-Free

A clean, organized, and fresh-smelling house is always an exciting place to go home to. It promotes health and safety of family members and is a great place to rest, bond, and relax. But how do you maintain the cleanliness of your home? You might be too busy with family and work and perhaps you don’t have the time to keep on top of the cleanliness of your home. Fortunately, there are simple things you can do to maintain a beautiful, clean, comfortable, and organized home.

Keep your home rubbish-free by following the steps below:

1.Hire A Professional

If you’re too busy to attend to the cleaning needs of your home, you can hire a trusted rubbish removal company. A rubbish removal service can dispose of all unwanted items in one go without any hassle. You can look at the Same-Day Rubbish Removal website to find out more about rubbish removal services.

Check the following tips when hiring a rubbish removal company:

• Check Credentials:

Deal with a legitimate rubbish removal company, one that can present credentials such as a business permit, license, and physical business address. Don’t deal with fly-by-night rubbish removal contractors. Or you never know what you might be getting.

• Check Company Reputation:

Reading some reviews on social media and review websites can help you find a reputable rubbish removal company quick and easy. Ask your friends or neighbors if they have ever invested in a similar service.

• Check Services:

Check the company’s website to see their complete list of services and relevant contact details. This way, you can phone the company to ask questions about business hours and rubbish removal schedules that suit your needs.

2. Declutter Your Home

Clutter in any room can be a real eyesore, and can be a real headache to deal with. That’s why it’s crucial to declutter your home as much as possible. A pile of clothes, toys on the floor, books, photos, and other objects that are disorganized are some examples of clutter. Declutter your home by keeping in mind the following tips:

• Make your home rubbish-free by picking up clutter and storing items in appropriate areas, like storage boxes or in the storage room.
• Use storage boxes in areas where things can easily get cluttered such as a child’s playroom.
• Don’t wait for things to pile up and get messy. Teach your family members how to declutter by setting a good example.

3. Clean-As-You Go (CLAYGO)

A CLAYGO house rule can help your home become rubbish-free and stay rubbish-free. It also instills discipline and a sense of responsibility in your children. Along with CLAYGO, teach your family and children to recycle, reuse, and reduce by setting an example yourself. You can get totally creative with this too and reuse waste to create things at home.
Here are the benefits of a CLAYGO rule at home:

• Less rubbish
• Save time and effort in general cleanup
• Keep things organized

4. Sort Your Garbage

Accumulating trash with mixed recyclables and landfill waste is not good. This practice is detrimental to public health and the environment. Landfills also require sorting of garbage as part of their mandate to enforce environmental laws on waste segregation.
It’s a good idea to have a sorting system for your garbage. For instance, you can designate ‘biodegradable’ and ‘non-biodegradable’ trash bins at home. In this way, you can bury biodegradable waste and make compost out of kitchen waste to reduce trash going to the landfills. As a responsible citizen, sorting your garbage is one way to comply with environmental laws.
The advantages of sorting garbage include the following:

• Easier pick up by the rubbish removal company
• Make use of recycled and reusable materials to save money
• Avoid crowding the landfills
• Preserve the environment

5. Use Eco Bags

When shopping, use eco bags to get rid of plastic bags that easily pile up at home. Eco bags are washable so you can reuse them repeatedly for grocery shopping and other errands. In this way, plastic bags won’t clutter your home and will help reduce plastics dominating the landfill.

Eco bags are available in supermarkets, grocery stores, and online stores. Some sellers also offer eco bag giveaways. These companies adopt a ‘green’ business initiative as a part of their mission and vision.
Here’s a quick summary of the benefits of using eco bags:

• They’re cheap
• They are non-plastic
• You can reuse them for many different things
• They are washable


You can maintain your home’s overall cleanliness by decluttering, adopting a CLAYGO rule in your home and hiring a rubbish removal company to pick up your rubbish in one go. It also helps using eco bags and storage boxes to keep things organized. Keep these tips in mind so you can easily keep a rubbish free home.

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