How to Be a More Efficient Manager

Being a manager isn’t always easy as you have to think about the welfare of your team as well as achieving the goals set out by the business heads. Keeping up morale and making sure everyone is working together effectively is key, but you also need to establish yourself well as a team leader and lead by example. If you’re a manager who is feeling overwhelmed, below are some tips on how you can become more efficient in your role.

Speak to Your Boss About Streamlining

If you’re not the business owner, you won’t have the power to decide what kind of software to use and other tools that can help your team manage their workload more effectively. There are plenty of streamlining resources available for businesses, and if you think your teams could use better platforms to perform their daily tasks, you should try to arrange a meeting with your boss to discuss this and see if you can persuade them to invest in better tech for you and your team to use.

Make Time for Your Team

It’s important to make sure that you’re allocating enough time to speak to your team as a group and individually with each person. This will make it easier to set group targets and keep everybody in the loop, and private appraisals with each team member can allow you the opportunity to discuss their progress and provide them with the right support to become stronger assets for the business. They might also need help if they are dealing with personal issues that could be affecting their work – you can both come up with a plan to help them cope with this better.

Set Reminders for Yourself

As a manager, you have a lot of tasks to complete yourself, so organization is key. Make sure you’re setting yourself reminders for upcoming deadlines, whether this is on your phone or computer, so you can keep up with your workload. Additionally, if you’re responsible for restocking the office supplies, make time to stock check everything once a week, whether you need first aid refills, paper for the printers, ink cartridges, pens, etc. Ask if some of your suppliers can provide email reminders as well to prompt you to order new items when you might be running low.

Don’t Micro-Manage

It can be difficult sometimes to relinquish control, particularly if your team is working on an important project and you’re under pressure for it to go smoothly. However, micro-managing your team is not effective, and can often lead to people either expecting you to do their job for them or becoming irritated that you’re not allowing them to do it and undermining their efforts. Be comfortable with delegating tasks so you can focus on jobs that only you have the authority to do.

Ask for Feedback

Finally, if you want to know how you can improve as a manager, ask your team members for feedback. You can set up surveys so they can do this anonymously which might make them more comfortable doing this and providing honest answers. You should also ask your boss for their feedback on your performance as well.

If you want to become a more efficient manager, use these tips to help you be stronger in your leadership role.

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