Monument Valley coffee table from Duffy London pays tribute to American desert landscape

Monument Valley coffee table from Duffy London

Do you remember the Abyss Dining Table by Duffy London that we featured here back in 2016? Inspired by nature, the incredible piece of furniture represented endless depths of an indigo ocean. Now, the London-based design studio has unveiled its latest creation which again is inspired by the beauty of nature. The furniture company has released the all new Monument Valley coffee table that pays tribute to the rich American desert landscape.

Monument Valley coffee table from Duffy London

The Monument Valley coffee table is a perfect blend of contemporary design with luxury material such as the Italian marble. The desert landscape has been reimagined in a distinctive way for crafting the table. The coffee table features a wave of majestic, contoured forms that rises up from the ground and merges into a single flat-topped sculpted stone piece.

Monument Valley coffee table from Duffy London

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According to Chris Duffy, founder of Duffy London, “With so much time spent at home, we wanted to create an engaging living room piece that captures the imagination and triggers a welcome sense of nostalgia for the great outdoors.” He further stated, “We drew upon the iconic sandstone rock formations of Monument Valley and an Americana-tinted view of the American West as inspiration for a dramatic, layered marble table that rises up from the floor, sculpted in a way that represents a desert mirage of the original sandstone buttes.”

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Each coffee table is handcrafted with care and individually carved from a single, handpicked block of marble stone. Furthermore, each table is made bespoke to order ensuring that no two pieces are the same. Traditional sculpting techniques are used to achieve the layered rock effect. Once done, the table is finished with sandpaper and emery cloths to create shinning surface.

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The Monument Valley coffee table from Duffy London is a limited edition of 25 pieces only. It is up for order now and is available in Carrara white marble, Nero Portoro black marble and Encarnado pedra furada. The coffee table comes with a price tag of $28,000 USD and the delivery time is around 12-16 weeks. Well, if you are looking for a lightweight alternative, the design studio has created the coffee table in rose-gold aluminum finish as well.

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