How working with local companies can help businesses sell more products

Whilst you might be tempted to search the world for the best people to work with, often the best options are right under your nose. Here’s a look at how working with local companies can help businesses sell more products.

Work with experts that understand your business

When it comes to working with different businesses, the internet means you can pretty much choose to work with any business across the world. For example, a number of businesses choose to manufacturer certain parts or even base their call centres in different countries to help reduce costs. There are certain aspects of the business though where knowledge of the area you’re trading in is vital. For example, when it comes to marketing your product you’ll want to work with a company that fully understands the location and the market you’re advertising in.
Whilst the technology used to market products, like search engine optimisation and pay per click advertising, might be the same around the world, the best ways to utilise it differ depending on what market you’re targeting. For example, Made By Factory are a Manchester PPC agency whose location makes them ideally placed to help brands across the UK. As Manchester is filled with lots of unique smaller businesses but is also home to lots of national brands, they have the knowledge, expertise and experience to help any business grow their brand online. Only by working with people who understand the audience you’re targeting can you truly make sure any campaign is tailored to meet its purpose.

Use high-quality ingredients and materials

When it comes to locations, there are certain places you can print on a product and a customer will instantly be able to trust they’re buying a high-quality product. For example, whilst fish can be caught and processed in a number of coastal towns around the UK, customers are often excited to see restaurants are serving Grimsby fish. This is because the town is famous for producing the best fish dishes for centuries. No matter what ingredients or materials you use in your products, try and consider whether there are locations around the country that are famous for those products. Whilst they might cost a little more to purchase, you could find that you’re able to sell your products for a lot higher price by advertising the fact you’re using local produce from iconic producers.

Customers want to support homegrown talent

As well as thinking the best products and the best knowledge come from working with local providers, customers also want to help support local jobs. If you put made in the UK on your packaging, you’re a lot more likely to sell a lot more products than if it was made in a different country.
That’s because customers are more likely to spend money on a product if they know that money is going to go help people living near them stay in work. Wherever possible, try and produce as many of your products as close to the place you aim to sell them.

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