Problems You Can Develop Because of Crooked Teeth

Some of the weirdest and seemingly small things that our body does can be indicators of our health. It might be common to worry about much bigger health issues, and of course, they matter too, but we would also do well not to forget the small things that could have a drastic impact as they are or accumulate into much bigger issues over time.

Crooked teeth are one of those small things that you might only worry about because of aesthetics (thanks Instagram), but unfortunately, they do hold some health warnings that should not be ignored.

This piece will discuss some of the health issues you can develop because of crooked teeth and what you can do to help prevent them.

It Is More Difficult to Keep Your Teeth Clean

Perhaps one of the worst offenders, crooked teeth makes it really difficult for you to be able to keep your teeth in tip-top condition. Even those with the straightest teeth can find themselves struggling to pick up every last piece of food or plaque, especially from in between the teeth, which can leave them vulnerable to developing cavities and other oral health problems.

You Are Prone to Heart Problems

The body is intrinsically connected, but there is no denying that some connections are just not ones you would make off of the top of your head, such as the mouth to the heart. Because of the bacteria that can build up in crooked teeth, it can be easier for it to get into your bloodstream and become infected, which could then put some serious strain on your heart valves. This link can cause some critical health issues which can affect all other areas of your body.

You Are More Likely to Get Gum Disease

The build-up of plaque can also contribute to gum disease, which is also another link to heart problems.

Gum disease, also known as periodontitis, can be a serious condition. It can be common to bleed from our gums without much cause for concern, which might be why sometimes the warning signs are ignored longer than they should be, or might not be taken as seriously as if we bled from a different body part! Unfortunately, this warning sign can be just as important as all others, but the good news is it is usually preventable. Many cases of gum disease boil down to a lack of good oral hygiene (which, of course, can be much more difficult for those with crooked teeth), so visiting a dentist or a hygienist to keep your mouth in excellent shape could benefit your health greatly. If you want to tackle a crooked teeth problem head-on, there are now some brilliant options that can help you straighten your teeth out and make it much easier for them to brush. Contact Alex Jones Dentistry for more information on how this can be achieved.

It is important to note that not everyone with crooked teeth will experience these issues, and you only need to consider treatment if your health is at risk. Your smile will always be beautiful!

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