So Your Teen Is Ready to Start Driving – What You Should Know

When your child hits their teen years, it can be a bittersweet moment for parents. They are getting older, which is something to celebrate, but parents also can’t help but think time is passing so quickly and their child is growing up far too fast. With each passing year, they become closer and closer to adulthood, which also means they take on new and added responsibilities each year.

When the time comes that they are old enough to drive in their home state, teens tend to celebrate, while parents are left feeling a bit more scared, apprehensive, and worried about what it means. So, if your teen is ready to start driving, and you’re feeling less than thrilled, here are some things you should know.

Is Your Teen Ready to Start Driving?

Before we dive too deep into the topic, it’s important for parents to be watching for signs their teen is ready. Sure, age will play into it, but that shouldn’t be the only determining factor. Some of the signs and questions to ask about should include:

  • Are they mature enough to handle the responsibility?
  • Do they feel scared about the idea of driving?
  • Can they remain calm in an emergency situation?
  • Are they easily distracted or can they keep their eyes on the road?
  • Who will be covering the costs (lessons, gas, insurance, a car payment, and so forth)?

Going through these questions one by one can help you to make a decision on whether it’s time to move forward on teaching them.

Driving School is an Essential Investment

Now that you’ve made the decision that the time has come that your teen is ready, it’s time to take those first steps. Those first steps should include enrolling them in a driving school. The driving school should be viewed as an essential investment into your teen’s safety and well-being.

A driving school will teach them all the basics of road safety and operating a vehicle in a safe manner, plus there is a focus on building confidence in your teen – another essential. Parents can check out schools like Alliance Driving School for more information.

Practice with Your Teen on a Regular Basis

It’s also important that you get out there and practice with your teen too. This will help you to feel a bit more confident in their driving skills, plus it’s an opportunity for you to offer some tips and advice. Encourage them to ask questions as they arise, and stay calm and relaxed in the vehicle.

Rules and Parameters are Okay and Needed

The final tip is to make sure you also set rules, parameters, and expectations around driving. Just because your teen is old enough to drive, takes their classes, and gets their license, it doesn’t necessarily mean they have unlimited access to a vehicle. Rules can and should be set early in the process. Rules keep them safe and help to give you peace of mind.

Making the Process a Little Smoother

Keeping these considerations and tips in mind can help make the process of your teen learning to drive smoother and a little less stressful for all.

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