4 Alternative uses for a garage

Whether you don’t have a car or simply prefer to park it on the driveway, your garage has likely become a place to just store things that don’t fit in the house.
While traditional homeowners looked for properties with ample storage, new buyers are looking for creative ways to use space for hobbies and other activities. The garage is no different. Many people now hire architects or designers to help them transform what was once a car shed into a brighter, better and brilliant space to be used by the whole family.

If you want to breathe new life into your garage, rather than just leave the tools and garden furniture to get dusty, here are four alternative uses for your garage space.

Home theater

If you were ever a fan of MTV Celebrity Cribs, you’ve probably always wanted your own home theater. Renovating the garage into a place where the whole family can enjoy movies together on the big screen is a great way to utilize the space.
Add a high-quality sound system, a screen or projector and of course, big comfy chairs. And don’t forget the popcorn stand!
Home theaters are a great investment as the whole family can enjoy them, even as the kids grow up. They’ll love bringing their friends round for movie nights.

Games room

Families that love playing games or hosting poker night could take the competitiveness into the garage. Installing a pool table and adding a table for cards and other games will be the perfect set up to make your home the social hub for celebrations, parties and chilled out weekends.

A games room shouldn’t cost too much to create, and if you want to skip installing full flooring, just use old carpet or rugs to add a little warmth to the space.

Home office

Since the pandemic has left people around the globe working from home for the foreseeable future, there’s no better time to transform your garage into a home office. Upgrade to wooden garage doors, both for the front and internal door, to make the space feel a little bit less like a tool shed. Then, deck it out with a lounge space, filing cabinets and desk.
This is a great way to regain a little routine while working remote and will allow you to separate home life from work life much easier.

Arts and crafts

Whether you’re a glue and sticker, a tinker with toy models or love to make your own clothes, it can get pretty difficult to find space to store everything in the house without encroaching on family space. By moving all arts and crafts into the garage, you can free up the house and stop finding glitter on just about every surface.

Having a designated area means you can be as messy as you’d like – making it the perfect place for both creative adults and children. Everyone can have their own workstation too, so you’ll not have to be disturbed when someone wants to start a new project.

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