Upgrading a Gas Station with Modern Technology: Productivity, Quality and Safety

Gas stations are essential stops, which is exactly why business can be quite profitable when done right. However, gas stations which are not up to the standards of what people have come to expect will lose out on business opportunities. When this keeps happening, it is usually a combined result of lacking features in productivity, safety, and quality. A quick look through some of the expected upgrades should help us understand the differences and impacts better.

Digitize the Gas Station

So many remote gas stations are still using a manual cash register in 2021. It isn’t particularly expensive to digitize your gas station with a smart software system, and compatible hardware modules. Not only will digitization make a gas station safer and more productive, but built-in POS features should boost the station’s revenues as well.

Upgrade to High Quality Oil Water Separators (OWS)

Upgrade your fueling facility with the latest oil water separators.Oldoil water separator systems are not likely to be compliant with the more recent environmental regulations. Having oil water separators at gas stations is not optional, but failing an inspection is almost inevitable if you have not upgraded your separators for a long time. Avoid the fines and invest in making your gas station more eco-friendly.

Upgrade Your CCTV System

Gas stations have an infamous history of getting robbed and that is precisely why it is important to have a cloud-synced, high-resolution CCTV surveillance system both outside and inside a gas station. It may not deter all assailants, but:

  • The presence of the cameras will make robbers think twice before entering the gas station and committing a criminal act
  • Even robbers with masks are less likely to attack anyone during a holdup if they know that they are being recorded
  • It will make things a lot easier with the insurance company when recovering damages after an accident or a robbery
  • High-quality CCTV footage makes investigations easier for the police
  • HD footage might help in identifying known offenders, even if they are wearing masks in the footage
  • Assailants could force employees to destroy/delete recordings, but no one can delete recordings being saved on the cloud in real time

Use 3D Modelling Software for Creating Expansion Plans

If you have plans for expanding, remember that it requires permission from the local authorities first. As long as you have a decent understanding of how 3D CAD software applications work, you can use a template to virtually create layouts for extended gas pipes and new tank compartments, highlight possible new tank locations, mark gas and waste circulation systems, mark oily water filtration placement possibilities, etc. You will need to hire a professional architect or civil engineer to get the plans ready for submission though.

This is a decent list of tech upgrades for gas stations, but there is opportunity for further additions.Do keep in mind that all new tech adoptions should help in boosting productivity, service quality, legal compliance standards, and/or safety in some way. Otherwise, the cost of the upgrade cannot be justified.

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