IKEA unveils its first smart indoor air purifier

STARKVIND air purifier from IKEA
IKEA, Swedish brand of furniture, kitchen appliances and home accessories has come up with a smart air purifier. Dubbed STARKVIND, the indoor air purifier is IKEA’s latest addition to their Home Smart product line. With products like this, the brand is looking to combine high performing air purifying solutions with design and technology so as to make lives and homes better.

STARKVIND air purifier from IKEA

The STARKVIND air purifier is crafted for indoor use and is designed for a room size up to 20 square meters. The high performance air purifier will be available in two variants: A floor-standalone model and a side table model. It can be used on its own and can also be connected to the TRADFRI gateway. Thus, it can be controlled and scheduled via the IKEA Home smart app as well. Also, the app lets you choose from five different fan speeds. Besides that, the STARKVIND air purifier comes with an auto mode as well. The auto mode adjusts the fan speed according to the PM2.5 in the air with a built-in air quality sensor. The user can monitor the current air quality with the help the app.

STARKVIND air purifier

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The STARKVIND air purifier from IKEA is integrated with a 3-filter system. Firstly, there is a pre-filter for big particles such as hair and dust. The second filter is optimized for filter small airborne particles such as PM2.5 particles, pollen and dust. Lastly, the third filter is for gas cleaning that reduces unpleasant odors and absorbs gaseous pollutants like formaldehyde and other VOCs.

indoor air purifier

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The environment friendly air purifier will come in two different versions. The side table model is expected to retail at $199 and will be available in both white and black colors. On the other hand, the standalone floor model will be available in both colors as well and will cost you $139. The STARKVIND air purifier from IKEA will go on sale in October 2021.
STARKVIND air purifier

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