Vehicle Vandalism: How to Protect Your Car from Damage

A reliable, powerful, and attractive car is expensive. While you might be unable to imagine why another person would want to damage your vehicle, vandalism is a common problem. For instance, a passer-by could be up to no good, a neighbor might hold a grudge, or another driver may not like your parking technique.

Regardless of the criminal, it will likely become your responsibility to restore your vehicle to its former glory. Ensure you’re never a victim of vandalism by learning how to protect your car from damage.

Apply Ceramic Paint Protection

Ceramic paint protection is a worthwhile consideration for drivers who want to maintain a clean, attractive car. The highly durable paint not only protects your vehicle from environmental damage but it provides anti-graffiti resistance. Plus, it offers a high gloss finish that will make your car shine on the road.

It is a perfect choice for various makes and models. For instance, you can review the many Audi paint protection options in Sydney to protect your Audi Q7, TT, e-tron Sportback, or S3 Saloon, to name a few models.

Make Use of Your Garage

Many homeowners fail to store a car in their garage each day. If you use your garage to house clutter, it might be time to clear the space for your vehicle to keep it out of vandals’ reach. It can prevent your car from being keyed, graffitied, or experiencing slashed tires, damaged rims, or broken windows, lights, or wing mirrors.

Illuminate Your Driveway

If you can’t store your car in a garage, you must illuminate your driveway using motion-sensor lighting. Most vandals would think twice about damaging a vehicle if there is a spotlight shining on them. Plus, the lighting will notify you if a trespasser is on your property and attempting to access or damage your vehicle.

Remove Expensive Items

A criminal might be more than happy to smash your car window to grab a valuable item. Avoid temptation by removing all expensive belongings from your vehicle, such as a laptop, smartphone, tablet computer, or designer products. If you want to store items in your car, you must at least place them in the glove compartment or trunk so that they are out of sight.

Protect Your Vehicle with a Car Cover

Most acts of vandalism often occur within less than a minute. A carcover is an ideal option, as a criminal cannot see the vehicle or easily access your car. As they will not want to be spotted damaging your car, they are less likely to remove the cover to key your paintwork, slash your tires, or apply spray paint.

Install an Exterior Security Camera

If you are worried about trespassers or your car is a frequent vandalism target, install an exterior security camera. It could alert you to a criminal on your property, which could help you catch them in the act, and the footage could ensure their conviction. The sight of a security camera could even serve as an effective deterrent.

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