What Can You Do At The Beach?

Going to the beach with your family is a great thing to do; it’s the sort of vacation that can create the most beautiful memories. However, you can do many more things to make the most of your day out or holiday than just splash about in the water and build sandcastles. Here are some suggestions for enjoyable beach activities.

Do Some Cleaning

Teaching your children to care for the environment and be environmentally conscious is a wonderful thing to do, and there are few better locations to do it than at the beach. We’re not suggesting that you spend your whole day cleaning up other people’s trash, but even a few minutes can make a difference. Of course, you’ll need to keep an eye on your kids to make sure they don’t pick up anything they shouldn’t, but if everyone has a bag and some disposable gloves, you could even make it a competition to see who can pick up the most garbage.

Paint Pebbles And Shells

Remember to bring some marker pens (Sharpies are ideal) in your beach bag so that you can paint some beautiful, smooth shells, stones, or rocks when you get there. Paint and color them in whatever designs come to mind – it could take many hours and keep everyone busy all day. Some people then hide these gems for other families to discover, or they can be taken home as mementos after a fantastic day out.


When you’re trying to think of interesting things to do at the beach to make your day out a truly memorable one, don’t forget one of the most simple and enjoyable things of all; reading. There aren’t that many opportunities in life to spend a number of hours in a row with a good book, and if you don’t normally get the chance to do much reading, the beach is the ideal place to do it.

Reading is good for children too, so if you have little ones with you, make sure they all bring a book with them, or choose a new book for everyone and surprise them when you arrive. Sometimes children – particularly younger children – find it hard to sit and read for long periods, so you might need to intersperse reading with games or perhaps read aloud to help them enjoy it more. Whatever you do, make sure you’re fully prepared with a sun umbrella and reading sunglasses, so you don’t get sunburned or damage your eyes in the bright light.

Dig A Big Hole!

The ‘dig a hole game’is another excellent one for the competitive members of the family. It is all about who can dig the deepest hole in the shortest period. You can carry out heats until an ultimate winner is determined, or you can just enjoy the pleasure and satisfaction that it will give you, whether you’re a participant or a spectator. In fact, why not combine this game with others to create a day of competition – a limbo contest, Simon Says, and even sand Pictionary can all be included.

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