10 Careers for Those Who Want to Help People

For the most caring people in society, it makes sense to pursue a career that allows you to help others. After all, a career that fulfills you is far better than one you only see as a paycheck. The question is, which one should you choose? If you are a naturally empathetic and giving person, consider pursuing one of these ten excellent careers that allow you to help people.

1. Social Work

Average Yearly Salary: $58K

Social workers work with various clients to help them improve their lives. They might assist children with behavioral issues, domestic abuse victims, or those suffering from addiction. It’s all about providing those underserved in the community with a strong support network, and for this reason, a social work career is one of the most caring out there. Remember, though, that you’ll need a lot of patience and commitment in order to succeed in this often challenging line of work.

2. Registered Nurse

Average Yearly Salary: $73K

Registered nurses are the backbone of healthcare. Working in a wide range of settings, from schools to hospitals, RNs provide patients with basic healthcare while ensuring they are comfortable and listened to. It’s a stressful, busy career, but it’s one that you can be fully proud of. Becoming a registered nurse requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, and from there, you can always specialize in other nursing areas.

3. Dentist

Average Yearly Salary: $155K

Oral care is extremely important, and that’s why dentists are essential. They ensure that their patient’s teeth are healthy, pain-free, and attractive. Without dentists, many people would be left with painful gums and a loss of teeth, which greatly harms the quality of life. Just imagine not being able to book a dentist appointment when you have a bad toothache! While it isn’t an easy job to get into and requires high levels of education if you have the smarts and the dedication, you could end up earning a six-figure salary as a dentist.

4. Counselor

Average Yearly Salary: $76K

Mental health is just as important as physical health, and counselors know this. As a counselor, the role is all about talking; you will sit with patients to work through their issues, aiming to improve behavioral changes. Many people rely on counselors when they are feeling stressed, upset, angry, or any other emotion they can’t quite handle themselves, which makes counseling an extremely caring and helpful career.

5. Teacher

Average Yearly Salary: $65K (High School Teachers)

Teaching is another career that helps people, but in a different way to nurses and counselors. While teaching is not about providing better health, it is about helping students expand their minds and learn about the world. The best thing is there are many different types of teaching roles, so whether you want to teach young children, teach mathematics, or work toward becoming a college lecturer, there is a teaching role that suits you.

6. Vet

Average Yearly Salary: $95K

Caring careers are not always about helping other people – sometimes, they involve helping animal friends. Vets are intelligent professionals that provide pets with general care, whether that’s a dog that needs pain medication or a cat that needs a wound seeing to. While the role is all about helping animals, it helps humans, too, as you are providing their beloved pet with better health.

7. 911 Dispatcher

Average Yearly Salary: $42K

A 911 dispatcher isn’t an easy career, but it is a necessary part of society and plays a huge role in helping people during emergencies. It’s not just about sending ambulances and police cars to certain areas – although that is a critical part – it is also about providing emotional support on the phone while the person on the other end waits for help. For example, you might need to guide someone through an anxiety attack, which takes a lot of emotional strength and a general calming nature. Do not assume that the role isn’t emotionally taxing just because you don’t have to deal with the situations in person!

8. Personal Trainer

Average Yearly Salary: $49K

If you are very into fitness and you want to help people reach peak physical health, then personal training might be the career for you. It’s a very intense, stimulating role that’s all about providing others with the diet and exercise advice (and motivation) they need to boost their overall health. You’ll work with a wide range of clients, from those wanting to lose some pounds to people wanting to bulk up as much as healthily possible. Plus, if you decide to become a personal trainer, you have the opportunity to set up your own business.

9. Firefighter

Average Yearly Salary: $48K

Possibly the most dangerous role on this list is that of a firefighter. While many of these other careers can be emotionally challenging, firefighters face a real physical threat to their physical health on a regular basis. It’s not just fires they deal with, either; they also help during disasters like plane or car crashes. For this reason, it is not for the faint of heart, but for someone who is up for the challenge and truly wants to help people and the world in general; becoming a firefighter is an excellent choice.

10. Nurse Midwife

Average Yearly Salary: $113K

Nurse-midwives help women through one of the most sensitive times of their life. While most people think of midwives as being there during the act of giving birth, they are often also there throughout the entire pregnancy, helping the pregnant woman prepare for their new child. It’s a role that requires a lot of nursing knowledge on top of great observation skills, patience, and, of course, a naturally caring nature.

If you are a caring individual, any of these ten careers will provide you with a purpose that’s all about helping others. So, whether you are interested in passing on knowledge, providing healthcare, or helping save animals, you have lots of options.

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