4 benefits of running a greener business

Environmental issues are now in sharper focus than ever. Rising temperatures, excess waste and overflowing landfills demand action. As a result, businesses across the globe are doing their best to “go green.” Aside from the obvious moral imperative, making your business more environmentally friendly has a lot of advantages.

#1 Cheaper bills

Most businesses waste energy or are on inefficient tariffs. Performing a simple switch to a green energy plan often works out cheaper than sticking to a more expensive rollover contract, but there’s much more that you can do. Changing from old fashioned office lights to energy saving bulbs will cut your electricity and lower your bills, in some cases quite dramatically. Energy saving software like automatic power down ensures that your machines are never left running (and consuming electricity) when they don’t need to be. Installing water saving options like cistern bags in company toilets saves around 1-2 liters per flush, which makes a huge cumulative difference. Saving the planet and cutting down on bills often goes hand in hand, so it’s always worth doing some research.

#2 Cheaper hardware

Not only will you be able to cut down on your bills, but a green focus usually means less day-to-day spending. Nowhere is this truer than with machines and business hardware. Rather than buying new, green companies often choose refurbished or recycled models. Opting for hardware that’s already been used, like the machines at recyclingbalers.com means less waste in landfills and also a lower carbon footprint (a new machine doesn’t need to be made and shipped across the world). Nearly anything, from machinery to computers and even office furniture, can be bought second-hand rather than new. It’s much cheaper, better for the world and you’ll often find that these products have hardly been used.

#3 Government incentives

Depending on where you live, you’ll usually find that there are incentives associated with going green. These may come from local or even central governments, and they take many forms. Some might be a simple tax break; others will be more complex, offering funding to implement certain green solutions. As the world moves slowly and inexorably towards a greener economy, these financial incentives are only going to become more common. Whether you require a lump sum payment or longer-term solution, there’s likely to be some kind of support out there.

#4 Better corporate image

Gone are the days when customers and clients would work with any company, regardless of its reputation. Corporate image is more important than ever, and people are much more astute about who they deal with. Boycotts of wasteful companies are common and many people choose to conduct business with more environmentally responsible alternatives. If your company is seen to be making a difference, its image will improve, attracting more customers. Widespread internet use and social media mean that it’s harder than ever to hide behind a PR wall, so companies must take genuine steps to ensure their reputation.

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Sunil Chandel

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