How to create best social media videos for your brand

We have all heard about “content is the king,” but today, the saying has changed – it is “video is the king.” But you need to know it all before you start with video marketing. You must understand and decide what kind of video you need to make to promote your business? You can create high-quality marketing videos for social media platforms without having any technical expertise in shooting or video editing or without spending a fortune.

Video is better than most other types of digital content that work perfectly on social media. Billions of people spend hours watching videos every day. Videos account for a majority of all consumer Internet traffic. So, why should you or your business be left behind? Market your brand and enhance your business awareness using digital marketing strategies and techniques on social media platforms.

Social Media Video Best Practices

There are a few things to keep in mind when creating videos for social media, especially for various social networks. Create impressive social media videos for video marketing campaigns by following these tips:

1. Ensure that your video is easy to understand, even without audio. Many social media users don’t turn on sound while browsing the news feed. So, make sure your video has subtitles and the inspirational phrase is very clear so that the message is conveyed appropriately.

2. Always make sure your video is working on this social network.

3.Try not to post the same video to all social networks, whether it’s the actual format of the video or its content. Use different formats and make minor changes to the content to make the video work across platforms.

4. Keep the videos short, as in most cases, shorter routes are much better (less than 60-90 seconds).

5. Make sure the branding is visible.

Before you start making business marketing and promotional videos for social media platforms, you must work on the below-mentioned strategies:

1. Brainstorm Your Video Ideas

Check out the top videos as there could be a treasure of content ideas available on the web. A video that resonates with viewers can be great content for your brand. You must always use Google Analytics. You now can view several posts, and there are several ideas you can get for video content. You can use analytics to help you find the most shared content on any topic. You can also sort the results on different social media platforms. You can sort the list by Facebook Engagement, and you can get a list of the blog posts that generated the most shares, likes, and comments on Facebook.

You can browse social media to see what’s currently trending. You can also see the top posts for the week that will give you some video content ideas. It’s especially great to keep an eye out for video posts. After reviewing your content ideas and choosing what to use, you’re ready to start planning. Two ways to plan your digital marketing video are scripting or creating a storyboard. Both encourage you to think about the entire video process and key aspects. Storyboards also help you visualize what your shots look like.

2. Storyboard

If you are new to storyboards, get encouragement from your social media audience by attracting attention in the first few seconds of the video. You can find the most compelling elements using Facebook and Instagram, and then you can integrate your brand message and identity early on, using compelling post copies. Concentrate on the most important message you need to convey in your video.

Add captions or text to tell the story visually. Try to make a square and vertical video as they occupy more screen space than landscape video when the phone is held vertically. This kind of video also works well with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter regarding engagement and views.

Here are a few steps that you need to follow to post an enduring video on your social media handles:

  • Use a smartphone to record your video – You don’t need expensive video equipment; instead, you can use your smartphone to record video with high image quality and sound quality. You can also download mobile video editing apps to edit and share your videos.
  • Use a tripod to stabilize your phone – Stable videos make you look more professional.
  • Speak into the microphone – It’s best to find a quiet place to record the video. To further improve your sound quality, you can get a microphone to plug into your phone and start recording.
  • Find good lighting – Natural light is undoubtedly the best light source for video. While recording, make sure you face the light source to distribute the light over your face evenly.
  • Search for an attractive video background – Plain backgrounds are a great option as they encourage viewers to focus on you and prevent you from being distracted by what’s happening in the background.
  • Edit – Try an effective free editing software and cut, trim, add to your heart’s content making your promotional video fit to be viewed on your social media pages. Invideo, Filmora, and Inshot are some popular video editors.
  • Share – There are many ways to share videos on social media profiles. After following the above methodologies, upload your video on various platforms to get the attention you deserve.
  • 3. Make the Video Short and Sweet

    Few people watch videos on social media for more than 15 to 20 minutes. For this reason, videos must be bite-sized, easy to use and provide value. This step removes all extra parts and keeps only relevant and attractive parts. Videos need to get attention, convey a message, and get viewers to take action in a short amount of time. If a topic is complex and needs explanation, you can divide the topic into smaller parts. Consider creating a series that discusses different aspects rather than putting all the information together in one long video.

    4. Make the First Few Seconds Stand Out

    Today, people lose focus after about 8 seconds, so you have to tie them up immediately. The first few seconds are very important as it determines whether you want to continue watching the video or scroll to other content. Start with powerful images, thought-provoking questions, inspirational quotes, powerful hooks, or fascinating music.

    5. Be Sure to Include Your Logo, Brand Name, Tagline, or the Product/Service You Want to Emphasize.

    That way, people can quickly recognize you and get clues about what you want to convey. Your intro should intrigue people about what will happen next and let them learn more.

    6. If You Use Music, Make Sure You Have Permission

    Music is essential to the success of the video. It controls the brand’s perception by the audience, attracts people’s attention, and creates a mood and connection with the audience. However, not all songs are available in video. You must get permission from the legitimate owner before you can add it. Otherwise, you may run into problems with platforms for stealing the copyrighted material. If your music license sounds complicated or you cannot afford it, you can consider royalty-free songs.

    7. Focus On the Story

    It’s important to get the audience’s attention, but more importantly, to catch it. And to do that, you need to create quality content that makes them stick. Not only does the video look, sound, and feel good, but it also tells a compelling story. You can create a brand that resonates with your followers in the storytelling part. Therefore, it is important to establish a personal connection with them and convey a message that touches their emotions.

    8. End with Call To Action

    Leave the viewer with a purpose and encourage them to do what you want. Keep in mind that the CTA shouldn’t focus too much on sales. However, you need to go back to the campaign and business goals you set during the planning phase.

    9. Optimized for Different Channels

    Posting the same video to multiple channels may sound helpful, but the requirements are different, and you need to optimize your content for each platform. When it comes to social media visuals, size and shape are essential. Observe the correct dimensions, orientation, video length limits, and other important specifications for each channel. This will ensure correct implementation according to the social network of your choice.


    With powerful social media management, you can easily control and supervise your brand’s campaigns on all social channels while monitoring your competitors. You can now analyze and optimize social media videos so that you can track how well you’re doing, how you can improve your video content, and how popular or effective your videos are.

    Social media videos have great potential to drive business outcomes and drive viewer engagement. You can take your campaign to the next level and maximize your brand’s presence and relevance in a high-traffic digital space.

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