3 Common Body Repairs on Autos

Knowing about the different types of auto body repairs is very important. You don’t want to be alarmed the minute you see a small ding on your car or take it to the repair shop for something you could fix yourself. You also have to know which repairs should be performed immediately even if they seem benign at first glance. Some issues could end up affecting other parts of the car or the car’s structural integrity to the point that it could get you involved in a major accident, so you can’t take anything lightly. Let’s take a look at some of the most common body repairs on autos and what to expect when having them performed.

Windshield Repairs

All car owners should expect to have to deal with windshield issues at some point in time. In most cases, a filler will be applied to the damaged area. But, in cases where the crack or chip is too big or complex, then the whole windshield will have to be replaced. There are also cases where you could perform the repair yourself, but it’s not always recommended.

Bumper Replacement or Repair

Bumper issues are also very common with vehicles. If you hit a car from the back, then there’s a good chance that your bumper will need to be repaired or replaced. The same goes if someone hits you while parking. This is the most common reason for bumper issues and can be very frustrating as you may never find the person responsible, but the good news is that replacing or repairing a bumper is one of the least expensive body repairs on a vehicle.

A good collision repair service will be able to look at the issues and see whether they should repair or replace a bumper. If their only and first solution is to replace the bumper, you should look elsewhere. A cracked bumper may be unsalvageable, but a dent could easily be fixed with suction cups. So, don’t assume that you absolutely have to replace a bumper and instead see if there are any possible alternatives.

Paint Scratches and Chips

Paint issues are another thing you have to look out for. Minor scratches can be fixed by yourself in some cases, but you will have to see a professional for anything major. They might decide to fix the area using different types of compounds, but the car may have to be repainted completely in some cases.

Cracks in the paint are not something that should be taken lightly. Not only are they unsightly, but paint plays a role in protecting your vehicle, and chipped paint could make your car vulnerable to rust. So, if you notice any exposed metal on your vehicle because of chipped paint, the area will need to be treated immediately so that the rust doesn’t spread. Once rust takes hold of a vehicle, it quickly spreads and you might either have to replace the whole area that is affected or pretty much scrap the vehicle, so be careful.

These are a few of the most common body repairs performed on vehicles. If you think you may have to have any of them performed, speak with a few specialists and compare what they have to say before you go through with any procedure.

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