Caracat from Schneider Caravaning is a camper and catamaran blended into one

electric boat and caravan

There are travelers who love exploring the land and then there are travelers who prefer conquering the water. However, there are few among these explorers who love to do both.  For these adventurers, a German company has come up with a 2 in 1 RV that can operate both on land and water. The luxurious hybrid vehicle is called Caracat (part caravan and part catamaran) and is designed by a German company called Schneider Caravaning.

Caracat from Schneider Caravaning

Basically, Caracat is a trailer and an electric boat blended into one luxurious RV that offers you homely comforts away from your home. It will let you camp at your favorite places on land and on water as well. In water, this amphibious vehicle can propel on its own whereas on road you’ll have to tow it by another vehicle.  It comes powered with an 8 HP Torqeedo electric motor. However, there is option for upgradation to a more powerful electric motor as well.

camper and catamaran

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The Caracat from Schneider Caravaning comes in three different sizes ranging from 6.6 meters (21.7 feet) to 8.6 meters. The largest model of the luxurious RV comes with Alcantara ceiling, leather upholstered sofas, aluminum sliding doors and teak flooring.  Besides that, it comes with a retractable LED smart TV and Bluetooth audio system. The kitchen comes equipped with a fridge, microwave, electric cooker and a wine cooler. Moreover, there are sofa lounges that transforms into sleeping area. Not only that, there is a pop-up sleeper roof as well that makes sleeping capacity of the catamaran to six people.

luxurious camper

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The RV comes with a small balcony and an aft deck as well so that you enjoy the beautiful views while travelling to your favorite camping spots.  The Caracat gets the required power supply from a 200W solar panel, a Victron 12/1600-70 combi inverter and charger and a 220Ah Victron leisure battery. The Caracat luxurious camper is manufactured in Turkey with price starting from $130,000 for the smallest model. You can visit their official website for more information.

Caracat from Schneider Caravaning

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